Aniline Wax Pull Up Leather Topcoat Refinishing Kit

Leather Doctor®

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Product Overview

Aniline Wax Pull Up Leather Topcoat Refinishing Kit by Leather Doctor is a leather gloss topcoat refinishing system for Restoration Hardware leather.

This Kit is handpicked to perform topcoat refinishing for Wax Pull Up leathers in a holistic system. The sequence of the process includes the following steps with links to the individual products for refill.

The entire holistic system comprises a "wet phase" and a "dry phase." In the "wet phase" from steps 1* to 3*, the leather is kept constantly wet until it slowly dries, ending at Fatliquor 5.0. In the "dry phase" from steps *4 to *6, the leather has to be completely dry before proceeding to the next step, which ends at Protector D. Once this step is complete, the leather is immediately ready to be used.

"Wet Phase"

1* Degreasing is performed by Degreaser 2.2 and Acidifier 2.0 systems.

2* Cleaning is performed by Clean 3.8 and Rinse 3.0 systems

3* Softening is performed by Hydrator 3.3 and Fatliquor 5.0 systems.

"Dry Phase"

4* Wax Pull-Up is performed by Wax Pull Up 8.6 systems.

5* Top Coat is performed by Aniline Top 76G systems.

6* Protection is performed by Protector D or Protector D Plus systems.

People Also Ask:

What is Wax Pull-Up Leather?

Wax pull-up leather has a secondary fashion effect conditioner derived from Wax Pull Up 8.6, when pulled or scratched the leather lightens up, besides the primary softening conditioner like Fatliquor 5.0 all other leathers must have, to keep it perpetually soft and strong. Popular leather furniture like Lancaster, Maxwell, and Brompton from Restoration Hardware are examples of wax pull-up leathers.

How to Identify Wax Pull-Up Leather?

A stretch or pull reveals a lighter color and reverts back when released or when heat rubs with the hand.

This pull-up effect loses its liveliness when this secondary Wax Pull-up conditioner dries or the leather has aged.

The reverse suede takes the color as the surface with this aniline dyed-through leather.

The surface has a gloss sheen typical with this wax pull-up leather.

What are the Causes of Topcoat Damage?

Soiling damages are prolonged neglect of most penetrated stains from the head and hands that show a darkening effect and have their topcoat probably deteriorated by the oil, grease, and sweat.

Other soiling damages include damaging spills and cleaning products.

Clean damages are common physical damages from cat and dog scratches, abrasions, shoe scuffs, and accidental damages.

Soiling, spills, and cleaning product damages will require a more detailed decontaminating process to return the leather to its healthy state prior to refinishing than clean physical damages.

How to Topcoat Refinish an Aniline Wax Pull-up Leather?

A holistic approach to topcoat refinishing will require the following dovetailing sequence of 5 steps...

1* Degreasing is performed with Degreaser 2.2 and Acidifier 2.0 system.

2* Cleaning is performed with Clean 3.8, and Rinse 3.0 system.

3* Conditioning is performed with Hydrator 3.3, Fatliquor 5.0, and Wax Pull-Up 8.6 system.

4* Refinishing is performed with Aniline Top 76G system.

5* Protection is performed with Protector D.

Why these products are handpicked to topcoat refinish an aniline wax pull-up leather?

the answer is . . .

Degreaser 2.2 with Acidifier 2.0 system!

Degreaser 2.2 is a pH 2.2 water-based hydrocarbon degreaser with tackiness and dye bleeding control for penetrated oil, grease, and sweat stains from skin, and hair contact.

Degreaser 2.2 also charges the leather protein fiber ionic positive (+ve) for strengthening the ionic attraction between the ionic negative (-ve) leather constituent for leather chemistry integrity.

Acidifier 2.0 is a water-based acidifying conditioner with a pH value of 2.0 that works in sync with Degreaser 2.2 to rinse and pH-balance by charging the leather protein fiber ionic positive (+ve) to increase the attraction between the ionic negative (-ve) tanning agent, dyestuff, and fatliquor from denaturing.

Clean 3.8, and Rinse 3.0 system!

Clean 3.8 is a water-based all-purpose mild cleaner with a pH value of 3.8 for overall cleaning and Rinse-3.0 sync as an all-purpose rinse that follows.

Hydrator 3.3, Fatliquor 5.0, and Wax Pull Up 8.6 system!

Hydrator 3.3 is a water-based pH 3.3 hydrating conditioner to relax and plump soft leather fibers for a more effective Fatliquor 5.0 conditioning.

Fatliquor 5.0 is a pH 5.0 ionic negative (-ve) charged micro-emulsion fat, oil, and water for conditioning leather softness and strength when dry.

Fatliquor 5.0 on application, the water-encased fat and oil molecule breaks free when ionic attraction takes place between the fat and oil with the leather protein fiber.

Fatliquor 5.0 excess free water wicks out leaving a breathing space behind for leather's natural transpiration.

Wax Pull Up 8.6 is the secondary fashion effect conditioner that characterizes the aniline leather pull-up effect and its characteristic glossy sheen.

Aniline Top 76G system!

Aniline Top 76G is a heavy-duty gloss topcoat to protect aniline leather with excellent toughness and flexibility.

Protector D!

Protector D imparts a draggy feel and enhances a non-stick surface to shield the effect of sticky soiling, surface wear is greatly reduced besides its healing and concealing repairs on light scuff and abrasion marks.

How to work with Degreaser 2.2 and Acidifier 2.0 system?

1* Degreaser 2.2 is shaken to gel prior to use.

2* Degreaser 2.2 is transferred onto horsehair Leather Brush 1 or Eraser 4 before applying to the stain to avoid overloading.

3* Leather is brushed, erased, and suspended soiling is extracted with a white cotton terry towel changing folding sides until the towel shows clean.

4* Acidifier 2.0 is sprayed, brushed, and erased followed by towel extraction changing folding sides until the towel shows clean.

5* Acidifier 2.0 is again sprayed and left to pH balance if tackiness persists until a squeaky feel with finger testing is a sign of healthy leather.

How to work with Clean 3.8 and Rinse 3.0 system?

1* Clean 3.8 is sprayed, brushed, erased, and towel extracted until new folding shows clean.

2* Rinse 3.0 is sprayed, brushed, and erased with towel extraction until new folding sides show clean.

How to work with Hydrator 3.3, Fatliquor 5.0, and Wax Pull Up 8.6 system?

1* Hydrator 3.3 is sprayed, brushed, and erased into the leather structure to plump with moisture oozing out when gently pressed between thumb and fingers.

2* Hydrator 3.3 moisture saturation is towel extracted until folding changing new sides shows clean and dry, ready for Fatliquor 5.0 conditioning.

3* Fatliquor 5.0 is sprayed over the almost dry leather and works to plump again with saturation and is left to almost dry.

4* Fatliquor 5.0 each application is repeated to be left almost dry until the last application is fully saturated and is left to almost dry.

5* Wax Pull Up 8.6 is sprayed and brushed to distribute and be absorbed into the leather.

6* Wax Pull Up 8.6 is repeatedly applied each time the water content evaporates until the leather takes no more and is left to naturally dry.

7* Wax Pull Up 8.6 coagulating cloudy waxy crystalline coating on the surface is to be heat activated into the characteristic glossy sheen.

How to work with Aniline Top 76G?

1* Use lint-free padding, foam brush, or airbrushing for a professional result.

2* Let dry in between applications until the desired gloss luster.

How to work with Protector D?

1* Protector D is sprayed and spread out with a lint-free towel, let dry, and ready to use.

Kindly inform me if this information is useful or provide suggestions on how to enhance it for an improved experience!


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