Auto Perforated Leather Care Kit

Auto Perforated Leather Care Kit

Auto Perforated Leather Cleaner & Conditioner Kit Af3

Auto Perforated Leather Care Kits by Leather Doctor is a collection of specialty leather-safe kits to address specific problems ranging from soiling, stains, odors, and structural and finishes issues.

A common stain problem with new pastel colors is dye transfer from clothing, ballpoint ink stains are removed with new novice innovative 'reverse-transfer' techniques without unnecessary physical damage to the leather finishes.

Other stain problems include body oil and greases, protein, tannin, tarnish, blood, urine, water, chewing gum, and other sticky stuff.

Dryness and stiffness issues when leather becoming not as soft and unnatural creases develop too soon. 

Odor problem includes bacteria causing obnoxious and pungent odors; mold causing musty odors; cigarettes and smoke causing odors; animal and human sweaty odors. 

Finishes problem includes tackiness from cleaning, squeaky noise, scuff, scratches, abrasion, wear from irregular protection, and cracking from neglected conditioning.


Example Leather Perforated Auto Seat

People Also Ask:

What is Perforated Leather?
Perforated leathers are easily recognizable by the tiny holes placed at regular intervals, which add pattern and texture to the leather.

Why Perforated Leather?
Perforated leather becomes breathable and sitting comfort increases as air easily flows through it. However, the cross-section of the perforated holes is raw suede. 

Why are leather-safe Products Recommended for Perforated Leather?
Leather-safe products have a pH value close to the pH neutral of leather between pH 3 and 5 to preserve the leather chemistry integrity from side effects or reverting leather to rawhide. Besides, leather-safe frequent cleaning and conditioning free the perforation from clogging and cracking thus preserving their appearance, breathability, and sitting comfort greatly.

Why the Need to Periodically Condition Perforated Leather?
The perforated cross-section and stitching holes are suede and the original fatliquor comprises emulsified fat and oil, which evaporates much faster from these holes, without a periodical replenishing of the fat and oil the leather stiffs out and micro tears develop into cracks. 

How is Conditioning Performed on Perforated Leather?
Conditioning, replenishing, or restoring softness to perforated leathers are performed by relaxing the leather thickness first to plump with Hydrator-3.3 so that the following Fatliquor-5.0 with its fat and oil water encased molecule could move freely to hydrogen bond with the leather fiber. Conditioning perforated leather at periodic intervals ensures long-term suppleness that prevents leather stiffness, creasing, and cracking.

pigmented-p.p-perforated.jpgUse this Pigmented (P.p) - Perforated Leather Problem-Solving Matrix as a guide to the care of your perforated leathers. Common problems are types of soiling, stains, odors, structural, and finishes. Match it with the products in a methodical sequence of steps for a holistic result. 

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