Aniline Wax Pull-up Leather Care Kit

Aniline Wax Pull-up Leather Care Kit

Leather Doctor Aniline Wax Pull-up Leather Care Kits come in a variety of leather-safe system kits to handle common problems derived from greasy, sweaty to accumulative soiling; water stains, body oil, grease, and sweat stain, dye transfer stain, ballpoint-ink stain, protein-based stains, tannin-based stain, tarnish-based stain, blood stain, urine stain, chewing gum, and fatty spew stain; bacteria odor, mold odor, urine odor, sweaty odor, and smoke odor; sun-fading, tackiness, squeaky noises, scuff, scratches, and abrasion.

Wax Pull-up Leather Care Kits include specialty secondary wax pull-up conditioners vital to working with other system products in a holistic approach for maintaining or restoring this unique characteristic only to aniline wax pull-up leathers. 

Wax pull-up Leather derives its color from dyestuff and wax pull-up conditioner giving the leather a lively distressed look. When this leather is pulled, stretched, or scratched, the waxes dissipate characteristically and become lighter in those areas. 

Wax pull-up Leather is subject to sun fading, and stretching through high-wear areas are two main indications that the infused wax needs replenishing. 

Wax pull-up conditioner will need periodic reconditioning just like the primary fatliquor diminishes through aging, and reconditioning is required periodically. Besides contributing to the color intensity, it improves the water-shedding effect.  

Wax pull-up conditioner, on application, penetrates while some transform into a fine cloudy crystal and remain on the surface. The dried surface white powdery deposits are then heat activated, and when they melt, they coat the surface with a glossy sheen. A urethane topcoat is applied to restore its original gloss appearance in the refinishing care cycle.

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