Nubuck Leather Care Kit

Nubuck Leather Care Kit

Leather Doctor Nubuck Care Kit comes in a variety of leather-safe system kits to handle common problems derived from greasy, sweaty to accumulative soiling; water stains, body oil, grease, and sweat stain, dye transfer stain, ballpoint-ink stain, protein stains, tannin-based stain, tarnish-based stain, blood stain, urine stain, chewing gum, and fatty spew stain; bacteria odor, mold odor, urine odor, sweaty odor, and smoke odor; sun-fading, and tackiness are available.

Nubuck is an amphoteric material, and a leather-safe pH 3 to 5 care product system is highly recommended to keep them clean while maintaining their chemistry integrity. 

Nubuck is subject to the common sun-fading issue. However, the dormant dyestuff within may be activated with hydration to resurface. It is like reactivating tea leaves with hot water to bring out the color, and in Nubuck, Hydrator-3.3 is used. Fatliquoring that follows to recondition leather dryness also increases its color intensity with Fatliquor-5.0.

Nubuck is both hydrophilic and oleophilic, and its open nap absorbs water and oil more readily than any other smooth leather. Fatliquor plays a critical role in maintaining the reduction ingress of water and grease stains, plumping with fullness, and reducing creases and wrinkles. 

Nubuck is top-grain cattle leather that has been buffed on the grain side or the outside to create a velvet-like texture or nap. It has the characteristic of napping with the softest “hand” or tactile feel. Although nubuck is aniline dyed through, it is commonly finished with a surface dye, sometimes incorporating micro-pigment to cover up some natural blemishes. It looks similar to suede, and the difference is that suede is created from the flesh side, whereas nubuck is from the grain side of the leather. As nubuck and suede are napped leathers, it is often incorrectly identified as suede. 

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