Auto Ford King Ranch Leather Care Kit

Auto Ford King Ranch Leather Care Kit

King Ranch Auto Leather Care Kit Aa3


Ford King Ranch leathers have unique features similar to vegetable-tanned saddle leathers made popular by its cowboy and western aesthetic visual appeal, but instead of color going darker when exposed to sunlight it's aniline dyestuff inevitably fades. 

Periodic color rejuvenation is rectified by hydrating into the leather structure to activate the dormant or excess dyestuff to resurface as an option before resorting to re-dying it. 

Its clear topcoats help amplifies and magnify the beauty of the grains but are often subject to scuff, scratch, abrasion, and wear that diminish its visual aesthetic. 

However, preventive routine care includes applying rub-resistant, buttery-feel protection that reduces wear or damage to the clear topcoat with noise reduction when leather is rubbed against leather.

Restorative care to eliminate unwanted scuffing, scratches, and abrasion is by refinishing it with a clear topcoat. 

Another common problem is the leather becoming darker when exposed to body contact, especially the console, and prolongs neglected darkening contact leads to cracks. 

Preventive care to the darkening effect is by removing the body oil, grease, and sweat on a routine basis with a leather-safe pH 3 to 5 cleaning system both removing the contamination and protonating the leather at the same time from the darkening effect or denaturing the leather. 

The most darkening effect from body contact contamination causes damage to the topcoat, and dyestuff and denatures the leather sticky.

Color restoration to camouflage after restorative cleaning and conditioning will require a transparent coating dyestuff and the darkest stain becomes the lightest color matching just to camouflage it. 

An option is to use a translucent dyestuff for better coverage of unwanted stains. 

Satin luster topcoat instead of gloss helps reduces camouflaging clarity as well. 

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Use this Aniline (A.k) - King Ranch Leather Problem Solving Matrix as a reference. 

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