Veg-Tan Leather Care Kit

Veg-Tan Leather Care Kit

Kit V3

Leather Doctor Veg-Tan Leather Care Kit comes in a variety of leather-safe system kits to handle common problems derived from greasy, sweaty to accumulative soiling; water stains, body oil, grease, and sweat stain, dye transfer stain, ballpoint-ink stain, protein stains, tannin-based stain, tarnish-based stain, blood stain, urine stain, chewing gum, and fatty spew stain; bacteria odor, mold odor, urine odor, sweaty odor, and smoke odor; sun-fading, and tackiness are available.

Veg-Tan or vegetable-tanned leather in furniture comes as naked unfinished and finishes with a clear top coat for better absorbency protection. A distilled water droplet test at hidden corners will determine its finishes. Unfinished leather is not stable in water and tends to discolor if left to soak and then dry the leather will shrink and become less supple, stiff, and easily crack. 

Veg-Tan, fatliquor content unlike other tanning types, will require more fatliquor to keep it supple from getting stiff and becoming easily cracked.  

Veg-Tan leather with evidence of stiffness, hardness, or micro-cracking, it is recommended that fatliquoring commence immediately after cleaning or stain removal before the leather becomes dry again or otherwise empty of fatliquor drying will lead to stiff leather, and cracking becomes magnified. A healthy leather fat and oil moisture level should read about 15% from a leather moisture meter. 

Veg-Tan leather is tanned using tannin and other ingredients derived from vegetable matter, such as tree bark prepared in bark mills and other similar sources. It is supple and brown, with the exact shade depending on the mix of chemicals and the color of the skin. It is also the only form of leather suitable for use in leather carving or stamping.  


Veg-Tan Leather Problem-Solving Matrix is identified as problems in rows and the sequence solution steps of products in columns. Some of these common problems are already bundled in solution problem-solving kits. Otherwise, individual products are added to the bundle to save on shipping. Your questions are welcome!

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