Aniline Leather Body Odor Deodorizer Kit

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Product Overview

Aniline Leather Body Odor Deodorizer Kit by Leather Doctor is a leather-safe deodorizing system for unpleasant human or pet body oil, grease, and sweat odor.

People Also Ask:

What is Aniline Leathers?

Aniline leathers are colored by transparent dyestuff that enhances the natural beauty of the grain to show through and seal with a gloss topcoat. This sealing topcoat developed micro crazing sooner and became more absorbent than the other pigmented types. Thus body oil, grease, and sweat are absorbed readily.

Why does Body Odor become Unpleasant?

The scent comes from the characteristic body oil, mixed with the ammonia odor from the fermented sweat can become unbearable.

How to Remove Body Odor from Aniline Leathers?

Body odors are removed with a dovetailing system that comprises removing the odor-causing soiling, pH balancing the ammonia odor alkalinity, and deodorizing. A holistic approach to effective leather body odor removal includes overall restorative cleaning, pH balancing, deodorizing, hydrating, conditioning, and surface protective conditioning with these product systems. . .

Prep-4.4, Cleaner-3.8, Odor Cleaner-4.5 and Rinse-3.0 system!

Leather Prep-4.4 is a pH 4.4 water-based, heavy-duty restorative cleaner that safely removes accumulative soiling on pH-sensitive aniline leathers. Leather Cleaner-3.8 is a water-based all-purpose mild cleaner with a pH value of 3.8 for removing Leather Prep-4.4 residues and general cleaning in conjunction with Leather Odor Cleaner-4.5 as a cleaning booster to deodorize the unpleasant body odor followed with Leather Rinse-3.0 sync as a pH balancing rinse to stabilize the leather pH chemistry integrity, ready for hydrating and fatliquor conditioning.

Hydrator-3.3 and Fatliquor-5.5 system!

Leather Hydrator-3.3 is a water-based pH 3.3 hydrator used to relax leather fibers and separate them preconditioning for better fat and oil conditioning penetration and distribution, which also increases the ionic positive (+ve) charges of the leather protein fibers for a more effecting fatliquoring. Scent Fatliquor-5.5 is the leather scent version of Fatliquor-5.0, with an extra classic leather scent to mask the unpleasant body odor and to soften the leather when dry with suppleness.


Leather Scent Protector-B+ is the leather scent version of Leather Protector-B with a classic leather scent to mask the unpleasant body odor and impart a non-stick, rub-resistant protector with a buttery feel.

Why Products in Concentrates?

Concentrate product has an indefinite shelf life, does not freeze, has less handling damage, and save cost on shipping weight. Concentrates in the bottle have to be mixed with distilled water before use.

How Prep-4.4, Cleaner-3.8, Odor Cleaner-4.5, and Rinse-3.0 systems works?

1- Prep-4.4 is worked with a horsehair Leather Brush-1 for spreading and brushing to allow for a sufficient dwell time of 5 mins to an hour for penetrating, lubricating, and suspending the soiling, then brush again before towel extraction until the towel is the new folding side shows clean.

2- Cleaner-3.8 is sprayed and brushed in conjunction with Odor Cleaner-4.5 as a booster, and suspended soiling is towel extracted until the new folding side shows clean.

3- Rinse-3.0 is sprayed and brushed again with towel extraction until the new side shows clean and dry ready for hydrating and fatliquor conditioning system.

How to work with Hydrator-3.3 and Fatliquor-5.5 systems?

1- Leather Hydrator-3.3 is sprayed and brushed using a horsehair Leather Brush-1 to distribute and be absorbed into the leather structure.

2- When the leather appears evenly with moisture saturation, staking, massaging, and flexing returns to dimension and is ready for fatliquor conditioning.

3- Leather Fatliquor-5.5 is sprayed and brushed to distribute and be absorbed into the leather structure.

4- Fatliquor-5.5 is repeatedly applied each time the water content evaporates until the leather takes no more.


5- Leather is left to slow natural drying, and before it is dried, staking, massaging, or flexing until fully dry will result in a softer leather and ready for protective conditioning.


How to work with Leather Scent Protector-B+?


1- Protector-S+ is sprayed and spread with a folding towel for an even appearance, let dry, and ready to use. Any soft jacket's surface wrinkles can be smooth with ironing at low-temperature settings.

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