Chesterfield Leather Care Kit

Chesterfield Leather Care Kit

Leather Doctor Chesterfield Pigmented Leather Care Kit comes in a variety of leather-safe system kits to handle common problems derived from greasy, sweaty to accumulative soiling; water stains, body oil, grease, and sweat stain, dye transfer stain, ballpoint-ink stain, protein stains, tannin-based stain, tarnish-based stain, blood stain, urine stain, chewing gum, and fatty spew stain; bacteria odor, mold odor, urine odor, sweaty odor, and smoke odor; sun-fading, and tackiness are available.

Chesterfield leather's common problem is the darker secondary or old English coloring is subject to rubbed off from regular use and will require a translucent color refinishing to renew its appearance.  A rub-resistant protector with a buttery feel is recommended to prolong the finish from rubbing off.

Chesterfield leathers are created by processing a secondary darker color over an existing lighter color. A typical coloring would be black on maroon to give an aged visual appearance, especially on Chesterfield design furnishing. Other creative antiquing effects may be created by uneven application of color, e.g. patchy padding, badly fanned spraying, low-pressure spraying, etc.  

Antiquing leather's common problem is the wear out of the secondary darker coloring.


Antique color restoration is by application of Antique-27, a translucent dyestuff by random spray with an airbrush.


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