Zebra/Cowhide Hair-on-Hide Upholstery Care Kit

Zebra/Cowhide Hair-on-Hide Upholstery Care Kit

Leather Doctor's Hair-on-Hide Upholstery Care Kit comes in a variety of leather-safe system kits to handle common problems derived from greasy, sweaty to accumulative soiling; body oil, grease, and sweat stain, dye transfer stain, protein stains, tannin-based stains, tarnish-based stain, blood stain, urine stain, chewing gum; bacteria odor, mold odor, urine odor, sweaty odor, and smoke odor; and mothproof are available.

Hair-on-hide problem is hair breakage, often due to a lack of routine rub-resistance conditioning to reduce friction rubs.  

Hair-on-hide other problem is the need for periodic fatliquor replenishing to prevent hide dryness. An early sign of hide dryness is hair loss from the hair follicles. And when it gets too dry, its tensile strength weakens and easily rips or tears when sat on. 

Hair-on-hide retains the original coloring of the animal. The best quality hides are usually presented in their natural color, based on the bovine breed. However, cowhides can be dyed to resemble skins such as tigers or zebra, and colorfast testing is highly recommended before cleaning or conditioning the dyed ones. 


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