Hair-on-Hide Zebra & Cow Rug Cleaner & Conditioner Kit H4

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Product Overview

Hair-on-Hide Zebra & Cow Rug Cleaner & Conditioner Kit H4 by Leather Doctor cleans, rinses, hydrates, and reconditions the hide; cleans, rinses, and protects the hair.

People Also Ask:

What is Hair-on-Hide Rug?

A hair-on-hide rug is a full-sized animal like a zebra or cow with hair still intact and the hide is tanned as suede on the reverse side.

Why does Hair-on-Hide Rug fail to Lay Flat?

A hair-on-hide rug that fails to lay flat is a telltale sign that the hide is starving from insufficient fatliquor (fat and oil) conditioner. Hide folding lines during storage or shipping, unnatural creases, wrinkles and curls developed as the fat and oil evaporate are some examples.

Why Hair-on-Hide when Wet and then Dries Stiff-up?

The fatliquor in the hide may have leached out when wet and when it dries too fast, due to the “Van der Waal' phenomenon in the drying process, the empty or insufficient fatliquor in the fiber structure is likely to result in stiffness as the fibers become stuck together.

Why Fatliquor Conditioner Dries Up?

The fatliquor content of fat and oil in the hide that contributes to its suppleness or softness and strength is VOC (volatile organic compound) that evaporates as the hide ages or is exposed to heat.

Why Fatliquor Conditioner Leaches Out?

Hide is an amphoteric protein material that is pH sensitive and any liquid above the pH value of 7 including water will cause the ionic positive (+ve) protein fiber to lose its ionic attraction with the ionic negative (-ve) fatliquor and the fat and oil breaks hydrogen bond and leaches out.

How to Clean and Condition both the Hair and Hide sides?

The answer comes from these hand-picked products as a holistic system to clean and condition both the hide and hair sides.

Cleaner-4.5 and Rinse-2.3 system!

Suede Cleaner-4.5 is a water-based suede sanitizer-cleaner with a pH value of 4.5 without the potential side effects like tackiness.

Suede Rinse-2.3 with a pH value of 2.3 works in sync to rinse with Suede Cleaner-4.5 suspended soiling which also functions as a suede pH balancer to a healthy squeak by hand testing.

Hydrator-3.3 and Fatliquor-5.5 system!

Leather Hydrator-3.3 is a water-based pH 3.3 hydrator used to relax and plump soft hide fibers structure for better fat and oil reconditioning prior to Fatliquor-5.5.

Leather Scent Fatliquor-5.5 is the scent version of Fatliquor-5.0 to mask the unpleasant body odor, besides softening the hide when dry with suppleness.

Cleaner-5.5 and Rinse-4.0 system!

Hair-on-Hide Cleaner-5.5 is a water-based pH 5.5 mild disinfectant cleaner to reduce odors during drying time for the hair side.

Hair-on-Hide Rinse-4.0 is a pH 4.0 value rinse to remove suspended soiling that also functions as a pH balancer for the hair side.

Leather Scent Protector-S+!

Leather Protector-S+ hair conditioner imparts non-stick, rub-resistant protection with a silky feel.
How to work with Suede Cleaner-4.5 and Suede Rinse-2.3 systems on the hide side?

1- Hide side dry soil removal with steel Hide Brush-4 brushing in one direction at an angle and exfoliating aging hide fiber with Eraser-5 followed by vacuum cleaning.

2- Suede Cleaner-4.5 is sprayed, brushed, erased, and suspended wet soiling is towel extracted until new folding sides show clean.

3- Suede Rinse-2.3 is again sprayed, brushed, erased, and suspended wet soiling is towel extracted until new folding sides show clean and let dry to allow further wicking of soiling to the surface to be brushed, erase, and vacuum; ready for hydrating.

How to work with Leather Hydrator-3.3 and Leather Scent Fatliquor-5.5 system on the suede side?

1- Hydrator-3.3 is sprayed and brushed using steel Hide Brush-4 to distribute and be absorbed into the hide structure.

2- When the hide appears evenly with moisture saturation, staking, massaging, and flexing return the hide flat ready for Fatliquor-5.5 reconditioning.

3- Fatliquor-5.5 is sprayed and brushed using steel Hide Brush-4 to distribute and be absorbed into the hide.

4- Fatliquor-5.5 is repeatedly applied each time the water content evaporates and until the hide takes no more.

5- Fatliquor-5.5 fat and oil are left to slow natural drying and before it is fully dried, staking, massaging, or flexing until fully dry will result in a flat lay.

How to work with Hair-on-Hide Cleaner-5.5 and Hair-onHide Rinse-4.0 systems on the hair side?

1- Hair is brushed in one direction at an angle and vacuumed.

2- Hair-on-Hide Cleaner-5.5 is used for general cleaning followed by Hair-on-Hide Rinse-4.0 in both applications with brushing and folding towel extraction changing sides until the towel shows clean and dry.

How to work with Leather Scent Protector-S+ on the hair side?

1- Protector-S+ is mist sprayed when hair is dry and brushed in one direction and left to dry.

2- The hair side is again brushed when dry for softness.

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