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Auto Pigmented Leather Care Kit Ap3

Leather Doctor systematically and holistically formulated more than 25 Auto Leather Care Kits on this site to clean all soiling types, stain types, odor types, leather problems, and finishes problems. They are bundled from individual leather-safe products that match the pH neutrality of auto leather from 3 to 5 for a holistic experience free from all known side effects.  Auto leathers are all the same but different in some ways, especially for King Ranch leathers, which are more absorbent, turns dark from sweat, become dry, stiff, and crack, which is also more fatliquor thirsty. 

Thanks to the user for their positive comment and review . . . 

Order Comments by Erik Arnold 20th-Nov-2018: 
Your product came highly recommended by my across-the-street neighbor. I find information about my specific issue easily on the forum. My car is a BMW M3 (E46) with high-end BMW leather in cinnamon. The leather has become dry, and the steering wheel is worn and prone to becoming shiny. I've achieved a matte look with other products (Ammo NYC), but their conditioner does not rejuvenate the dry seats.

Superior Product: Posted by Stephen Jamba on 24th Aug 2016 (
I've been detailing cars for 18 years and have used several different products. I have a 2010 MDX, and this kit is the best product for restoring and keeping leather healthy. I use the word 'healthy' because I can see the difference in the leather's appearance and feel after going through the process on my leather. I specifically think the hydrator/fatliquor combo and the Protector B and D are incredibly good at restoring the oils and strengthening the leather. I was leery of the value because the bottles aren't that big for the price paid compared to other products. But as I've used the product, it doesn't take much to treat my car, and I don't have to treat it as often as I did with other products.

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