Full Aniline Leather Jacket Care Kit

Full Aniline Leather Jacket Care Kit

Aniline leather is colored exclusively by transparent staining dyestuff with the beauty of the grain magnifies or amplifies with a clear urethane topcoat.

Aniline leather, therefore, any small imperfections or slight color differences must not be considered faults but they represent the guarantee of absolutely natural products. 

Aniline leather's original smooth buttery-feel softness needs to be maintained routinely with a buttery-feel, rub-resistant protector from becoming noisy through friction rubs that translate into wear or abrasions. 

Aniline leather's original fatliquor fat and oil need periodic topping up to prevent curls and stiffness but also helps resist the leather from easily becoming absorbent from body contacts, especially the collar, and cuffs.

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