Leather Tannin Stain Remover Kit A5.ns

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Product Overview

Leather Tannin Stain Remover Kit A5.ns by Leather Doctor removes cellulose stains such as coffee, tea, wine, and stains from plants and vegetation.

Surface deposited stain is removed with Cleaner 3.8 followed by Rinse 3.0 and let dry before treatment with Tannin Stain Remover 3.5.

Penetrated stain is treated with Remover 3.5 and let naturally dry for chemical reaction to take effect.

Remover 3.5 residue is rinse with Rinse 3.0.

Hydrator 3.3 hydrates become stiff before fatliquoring.

Fatliquor-5.0 imparts leather with softness and suppleness when dry.

Protector B enhances a non-stick rub-resistant protection with a buttery feel that shields against sticky soiling.

Wine Stain Removal Instruction:

1: Surface stain residues are gently brushed with horsehair Brush 1.

2: Stains are spot cleaned using a cotton swab saturated with Cleaner 3.8 changing them, as the stains are transferred to it until it shows clean (other white highly absorbent material may be used to match stain size).

3: The stain and the entire section or article are cleaned with Brush-1 and soiling is extracted until it shows clean.

4: Cleaning should not leave dry edges to avoid rings or marks on absorbent leather.

5: Rinse 3.0 follows after Cleaner 3.8 saturating with an even appearance over the stain and extending to the edges without leaving any dry edges.

6: Repeat towel extract until it shows clean.

7: Hydrator 3.3 moves the penetrated suspended stain to the surface to be towel extracted.

8: In practice, a long dwelling is more effective in dispersing the penetrated stain.

9: Ideal moisture level would have a little moisture oozing out when pressed between finger and thumb.

10: The stain is towel extracted until the towel shows clean.

11: A stain reverse transfer through a towel until it dries lift the residue stain off the leather surface instead.

12: Fatliquor 5.0 commences to replenish the fat and oil displaced from the alcohol content of the wine to the entire article for an even appearance.

13: As the water contents evaporate more is applied until the leather is fully saturated.

14: The leather is left for slow drying for extra softness when dry.

15: The stains are inspected for satisfaction otherwise proceed with Tannin Remover 3.5 treatment.

16: Tannin Remover 3.5 works the stain by oxidation-reduction (redox) reaction and fine precise surface application with an airbrush for small spots produces the best result.

17: The entire article may be feather sprayed for an even saturation.

18: Leave for natural dry for the chemical effect to take place.

19: When dry inspect for satisfaction, otherwise repeat treatment.

20: Residue if any when dry is brushed off followed with Rinse 3.0.

21: Protector B ends the holistic wine stain removal process.

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