Leather Cleaner 3.8

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Product Overview

Leather Cleaner 3.8 by Leather Doctor cleans leather, lambskin, vachetta, veg-tan, saddlery, nubuck, and suede safely without the common adverse side effects.

Leather Cleaner 3.8 aka Clean 3.8 pH value 3.8 is an all-purpose mild anionic universal cleaner for leather, Nubuck, suede, and Vachetta. Clean 3.8 syncs with Rinse 3.0 as a holistic cleaning and rinsing system to return leather to its pH chemistry integrity.

People Also Ask:

How Clean 3.8 Works?

Clean 3.8 works by penetrating, lubricating, and suspending soiling safely and effectively through gentle chemical reactions working in perfect harmony with all leather constituents that include the tanning agent, preservative, dyestuff, and especially the fatliquor for a leather-safe cleaning experience.

What is a Holistic Cleaning System with Clean 3.8?

In a holistic cleaning system, it is highly recommended to follow through with Rinse 3.0 to a healthy squeak thus preventing or ceasing potential remaining residue from overworking.

What Brushes and Erasers to Work with Clean 3.8?

Use a horsehair brush for all smooth leathers. Use a nylon brush for nubuck.
Use a brass brush for suede and always use a sharp brass brush at a slant angle to avoid scratches to fine suede.             Use leather erasers for all smooth leathers, and suede erasers for suede.

How to Use Clean 3.8?

1* Concentrate in the bottle has to be cut/mixed with distilled water before use.

2* Identify, inspect, test, and dry soil removal prior to application.

3* Shake well, spray, and agitate with the appropriate brush.

4* Dwell 10 to 30 minutes or before it dries for complete soil de-flocculation to occur.

5* Extract suspended soiling, and use a dry highly absorbent towel.

How to Remove Remaining Residue?

1- Remaining surface residue is rinsed to a healthy squeaky clean until towel shows clean with Rinse 3.0.

How to Remove Unknown Stubborn Soiling?

For stubborn soiling, use Prep 4.4 for all leather, nubuck and suede types.

What are the Related Products?

* Prep 4.4 for restorative cleaning.

* Rinse 3.0 for pH balancing rinse.

* Acidifier 2.0 for neutralizing alkaline overexposure. 

* Hydrator 3.3 for hydrating and relaxing leather stiffness. 

* Fatliquor 5.0 for softening leather stiffness. 

* Protector B, Protector D, Protector S, or Protector W for non-stick surface protection.

* Protector B'plus, Protector D'plus, Protector S'plus and Protector W'plus are the leather scent protection versions.


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  • 5
    Great job cleaning my leather sofa

    Posted by Jay on 21st Nov 2018

    I needed a serious deep clean on my leather sofa and this nailed it!