Leather Urine Cleaner 1.5

Leather Doctor®

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Product Overview

Leather Urine Cleaner 1.5 by Leather Doctor is a pH 1.5 balanced specialty urine cleaner and neutralizer from reverting the leather into a sticky rawhide.

Leather Urine Cleaner 1.5 is a water-based urine pre-cleaner working in conjunction with Leather Urine Odor Remover 1.2 depending on the severity of the urine contamination.

When contamination is odorous and discolored, proceeding with Leather Urine Odor Remover 1.2 is mandatory to achieve the desired result.

However, displaced original fat and oil will need to be replenished for suppleness.

People Also Ask:

How Does Urine Denatures Leather?

Aging urine ferments by the atmospheric bacteria shift alkaline and the amphoteric leather protein fiber loses its positive (+ve) ionic attraction with the other ionic negative (-ve) constituents like the tanning agents that result in tackiness, dyes that bleed, and fatliquor when dry stiffen the leather.

What is the Holistic System for Cleaning Urine Stain Leather?

A holistic system besides Leather Urine pH Balanced Cleaner 1.5 will require Acidifier 2.0 as a rinse, Hydrator 3.3 for dispersing and wicking soiling particulates from within the structure to the surface by a reverse-transfer technique with wettable Towel 5 and Eraser 4 for leather and nubuck; and Eraser 5 for Suede. 

Replenishing the original fat and oil with Fatliquor 5.0 restore its suppleness.

Refinishing may be required depending on the extent of damage and leather types.

How to Clean with Leather Urine Cleaner 1.5?

1* Concentrates in the bottle has to be mixed with distilled water at ratio 1: 12 before use.

2* Dry soil removal before application with appropriate leather Brush 1 for leather, nylon Brush 2 for Nubuck, and brass Brush 3 for Suede in combination with Eraser 4 for leather and nubuck; and Eraser 5 for Suede.

3* Spray Urine Cleaner 1.5 and agitate with appropriate brushes and towel extract until it shows clean.

How to Rinse with Acidifier 2.0?

Spray Acidifier 2.0 and agitate with appropriate brushes and towel extract until the towel shows clean.

How to Hydrate with Hydrator 3.3?

Proceed with Hydrator 3.3 to relax and separate the stick-together fiber structure and dwelling it for up to 72 hours helps to redistribute the surrounding leather constituents back to the exposed areas. Leather Mold Odor Remover 3.6 is recommended to control possible mold infestation during warm and humid weather conditions.

Towel 5 is recommended to facilitate the reverse transfer of wick-up soiling particulates through the towel to be peeled off when crispy dry.

How to Remove Surface Wick-up Soiling?

The surface wick-up soiling particulate is erased accordingly with either Eraser 4 or Eraser 5.

How to Condition Stiff Leather?

Stiff dry leather is again hydrated with Hydrator 3.3 prior to Fatliquor 5.0 replenishing or restoring the fat and oil content differences up to an average of 14% when dry.

Refinishing Option:

This above wet cleaning and conditioning process ends and the dry refinishing process may continue accordingly.

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