Shearling Fur Suede Coat Care Kit

Shearling Fur Suede Coat Care Kit

Shearling suede with fur trim is suede on the outer side and shorn wool on the inner side with fur pelts. Shearling garment are made from the pelts of sheepskin or lambskin by tanning them with the wool of uniform depth still on them. The suede and wool face is wet cleanable, however the fur trim has to be clean with a 'dry' cleaner. Traditional hands clean panel by panel recommended to produce professional result.

This is a designer FOCE shearling coat clean by traditional non-immersion hands technique.

For the range of care to various issues, use this Shearling Suede Problem Solving Guide below as reference . . . Problems encounter are found on the second left column, suede and wool safe products recommended are found on the top row and the numbers denotes the sequence of steps. You may post your problems with pictures to this link for more problem solving tips:

Below are the common problem solving kits formulated to solve a particular issue holistically and individual products such as FurHair-S for the fur trim can be add-on from this link: Refills may be added accordingly to match existing situation or email us for more tips to

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