Shearling Suede Rip Repair and Care Kit Ss7

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Product Overview

Shearling Suede Repair and Care Kit Ss7 by Leather Doctor is to clean, condition, protect, and repair both the wool and suede face of sheepskin garments.

What is Shearling Suede?

Shearling Suede is a double face clothing made from a sheep or lamb that is suede as the outer face and soft-sheared wool as the inner face.

Why Suede Rips and Tears Easily?

Suede rips and tears easily when the original fatliquor (fat and oil) diminishes through aging as the fat and oil content evaporates away. Cleaning with high alcohol content or washing with products and water will also cause the fat and oil content to leach away. A clear sign of the suede weakness is the appearance of creases and wrinkles that quickly develop on the sleeves and the garment looks tired. When stress on dried suede it will rip and tear easily.

When to Repair Suede Rips and Tears?

Repairs of rips and tears are recommended after cleaning and reconditioning to soften the suede with tensile strength before repairing.

How to Repair Suede Rips and Tears?

Repairs are done with Bond 3D a new adhesive bond that dries translucent through the repairs, smooth and strong, and the techniques deployed as follows:

1* Rip or Tear: A rip or tear repair requires a little pull to overlap the edge over one another and the bond is applied between them to hold it until it dries and the edge is bonded smooth as well.

2* Hole: A hole with missing fibers will need some fiber-filling extension taken from hidden areas as a donor for filling in conjunction with Bond 3D.

3* Seam Repair: Structural seam repairs that require greater strength will need a combination of stitching with a sub-patched from the wool side. The wool side is shaved half an inch from the edge to allow the Patch 4S direct contact with the suede for both stitching and bonding.

4* Camouflage: Camouflaging is done by adding a new Bond 3D application and having donor suede fibers partially pressed into the second layer of Bond 3D.

How to Clean and Condition a Shearling Suede Before Repair?

Complete cleaning of the entire shearling suede begins from the wool face and when finally dries continues to the Suede face.

How to Clean the Wool Face?

The wool face cleaning is cleaned with Wool 5.5 and Rinse Wool 4.0 system. The sequence of process is as follows:

1* Dry Soil Removal:

Wool is brushed with a stiff brush at an angle in one direction and vacuumed.

2* Cleaning:

Wool 5.5 is used for general cleaning with a stiff brush at an angle and in one direction and towel extraction and changing fold sides until the towel shows clean and dry, followed by rinsing.

3* Rinsing:

Rinse Wool 4.0 is used for rinsing and brushing in one direction and towel extraction and changing fold sides until the towel shows clean and dry, and let to completely dry and it's ready for Protector S.

How to Protect the Wool Face?

1* Protection:

Protector S is sprayed and brushed for an even appearance, and dry brushed again to bloom.

How to Clean and Rinse on the Suede Face?

Suede 4.5 and Rinse Suede 2.3 system cleans and rinse the Suede face as follows:

1* Dry Soil Removal:

All surface soiling is brushed with a matching suede brush and suede Eraser 5, followed by vacuuming.

2* Cleaning:

Suede 4.5 is sprayed, brushed, erased, and towel extracted until new folding shows clean.

3* Rinsing:

Rinse Suede 2.3 is sprayed, brushed, and erased with towel extraction until new folding sides are clean and dry, ready for hydration.

How to Hydrate and Recondition the Suede Face?

Hydrator 3.3 and Fatliquor 5.0 system work on the Suede face as follows:

1* Hydration:

Hydrator 3.3 is sprayed and brushed into the suede structure to plump with moisture oozing out when gently pressed between thumb and fingers.

Hydrator 3.3 moisture saturation is towel extracted until folding changing new sides shows clean and dry, ready for Fatliquor reconditioning or replenishing.

2* Fatliquor Conditioning:

Fatliquor 5.0 is sprayed over the damp suede and works to plump the suede again with saturation and is left to dry naturally.

Fatliquor 5.0 on each application is repeated to be left naturally dry until the last application is fully saturated.

With the last application and almost dry staking, massaging, and flexing the suede to a fully dry produce softer suede.

How to Exfoliate or Refinish Worn Suede?

Suede Eraser 5 is used to exfoliate dry rotting, old, and worn suede to refresh the nappy appearance with a soft finger-writing effect.

When to Start Repairing the Suede?

Repairing the suede is recommended after cleaning, reconditioning, and exfoliating to reveal a stronger nap surface.


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