Aniline Sauvage Leather Care Kit

Aniline Sauvage Leather Care Kit


Aniline leather is soft and natural.  They are usually first treated with transparent dyestuff to make the grain and natural characteristics more visible.  Modern tannery dyeing is done in a rotating drum in a continuous process follows by fatliquoring.  When dried thereafter, the leather goes through another selection or grading to decide the best treatment to bring out its potential softness and natural look.  Thus, further, sub-divide into various varieties.  However, the bulk of aniline leather after dyeing may reveal uneven grain dye absorbency and too many faults, so the variation in color over the entire grain surface is too great for many leather fabrications.  A variety of aniline leathers may be referred to as 'full Sauvage aniline' with the differing intensity of dye absorbency appearance. 


Use this Aniline (A.fs) Full Sauvage as a reference guide when comes to cleaning and restoration. Identify the problem from the left column and the top row of the product recommended and the numbers are the sequence of steps. When the leather has compound issues combine the soiling, stain, and odor types as the cleaning phase-1 and the leather rejuvenating with Hydrator-3.3 and Fatliquor-5.0 as the second phase-2. The structural problem is the third phase-3, Finishing is phase-4, and protection of the finishes is phase-5. Any questions you may have will be answered from our help and support forum:

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