Aniline Leather Waxy Matte Care Kit

Aniline Leather Waxy Matte Care Kit


Aniline Waxy-Matte Finishes Leather is usually a full-grain hide that is chrome-tanned to produce a soft hand and a transparent aniline dye color through to the reverse suede side to enhance its natural beauty.  It takes on a sauvage appearance as the beauty of the grain is shown naturally with a soft waxy texture. The fine waxy-matte appearance derives from the emulsion topcoat applied and is further protected with a matching non-stick, rub-resistant protector to reduce wear to the finishes. As leather is an amphoteric material or pH sensitive, leather-safe products with a pH value between 3 and 5 are highly recommended for general care, otherwise, they have to be pH balanced to its leather pH neutral (iso-electric point or pI). Aniline leathers are also more UV sensitive and periodic leather rejuvenating it revives color intensity and maintains its suppleness from stiffness and cracking.


Aniline (A.w) Waxy-Matte Leather Problem Solving Matrix

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