Leather and Suede Rinse

Leather and Suede Rinse

Rinse is a pH specific product range based on science and logic that is used to remove cleaner and suspended soiling residue in a non-immersion method. It is spray, brush and towel absorbed until the towel shows, clean and it’s surfaces returns to a healthy squeaky tactile-feel.


Besides rinsing off suspended soiling and sticky residues, its for pH-balancing to return the leather to its acidic side of the pH scale. As leather is an amphoteric product, the acidic rinse also charges the leather ionic positive (+ve) so that the ionic negative (-ve) leather constituents like the tanning agents and the fatliquor hydrogen-bonds with the amphoteric leather protein fiber more effectively.


Rinse is used immediately right after the suspended soiling is release from the leather surface with a high absorbent cotton terry towel. Commonly a dry towel is folded and change to a new clean surface and extract until the towel shows clean.


The range of rinse product is a match to the cleaning product formulated for each leather types to produce the best optimum results.


In a pre alkaline-overexposure adverse conditions, a lower pH value of 2.0 is used instead with Acidifier-2.0, until the leather reverts back to a healthy squeaky feel.


A high pH value of 8.8 with Basifier-8.8 is used to rinse and pH-balance the leather when a low pH cleaner like CleanTarnish-1.3 is used to bring the pH value back to between 3 and 5 or to the pH neutral of leather or to the iso-electric point or pI of leather.


Rinses with different pH values facilitates a holistic approach to cleaning and rinsing to retain the original characteristics of the leather and preserving them from dry rotting and denaturing back to raw skin or hide.

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