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Roger Koh 17-November-2017

Founder of Leather Doctor®

Leather Doctor® by Roger Koh is an innovative breakthrough leather care product system based on science and logic, unprecedented and revolutionary for the leather cleaning and restoration industry. 

Knowing that the pH neutral (iso-electric point or pI) of leather is within the pH range of 3-5, Leather Doctor® has developed a Leather-Safe™ product line in sync with the pH neutral of the leather range.

Leather-Safe™ system developed by Leather Doctor® incorporates the pH value of their products into the leather revolutionary cleaning and conditioning system equation.

Leather-safe ensures a pH-balanced result to the leather pH neutral of 3-5 without upsetting its original pH chemistry integrity.

Leather safe system preempts the common complaints or disappointments that most pH-sensitive leather often experiences.

Most common leather disappointments include denaturing into tackiness, color streaks, dye bleeds; or dries with shrinkage or stiffness that leads to premature cracks.

The pH value of the cleaner and conditioner products are simply incorporated as the suffix name, thus Cleaner-3.8 simply denotes that this product has a pH value of 3.8.

However, any product pH value below or above the leather-safe range used has to be pH balanced to bring the leather back to its original pH-neutral range during the end of the cleaning process.

Leather comprises mainly of amphoteric protein fibers with its other non-amphoteric leather constituents like the tanning agents that preserve it from denaturing to rawhide; dyestuff that colors it; and fat and oil conditioner that impart suppleness, softness, and strength.

Any alkaline solution including water will cause an ionic positive (+ve) weakness to the protein fiber, thus its other ionic negative (-ve) leather constituents lose their ionic attraction and leach out.

Weakening of the ionic attraction of the tanning agent results in tackiness; the dyestuff results in bleeding; and the fat and oil conditioner result in shrinkage and stiffness.

This breakthrough in science and logical approach to leather care is attested by our help and support forum www.LeatherCleaningRestorationForum.com by both DIY and professional users since 2007.

Our technical help and support forum is a resource for leather problem-solving issues and common experiences shared with other product users.

It is likely that a similar problem you presently encounter has already been solved from this helpful resource.

However, the systematic approach to leather cleaning and restoration is first identifying the leather type if you are uncertain about this, you may post photos with descriptions to our help and support forum and we will help to troubleshoot your problem.

Once positively identified we will match it up with our leather problem-solving matrix as a reference for a holistic follow-through.

Thank you for your confidence in the Leather Doctor® system and look forward to being of assistance.

Leather Doctor® is also currently seeking an equally well-established visionary and enthusiastic company to collaborate with for potential worldwide marketing to serve you better.



Roger Koh 13-July-2012