About Us

Roger Koh - November 17, 2017
Founder of Leather Doctor®

Leather Doctor® has developed an innovative Leather-Safe™ System.

We serve the Leather Care industry including Leather Car Interior, Leather Furnishing, Upholstery, Handbags, Garments, Boots, Hair-on Rugs, Equestrian, and Leather Accessories.

Examples of high-end brands in the various leather industry segments restored to showroom condition are Chanel bags, Rolls Royce leather interiors, Restoration Hardware upholstery, Oliver Sweeny shearling jackets, Antares saddles, and many more.

We operate from Vancouver, Canada, North America, and sell worldwide through our online store: www.LeatherDoctor.com

Leather Doctor® is also currently seeking an equally well-established visionary and enthusiastic company to collaborate with for potential worldwide marketing to serve you better.

Leather Doctor® is a registered trademark in North America, founded and owned by Roger Koh, with a humble beginning as a hands-on service provider in quest of better science-based knowledge for the care of all leather types including Nubuck, suede, and hair-on-hide.

The present products in the market are wholesomely inadequate and merely care only for the surface look of the leather. Without a solution to bring back the leather integrity with suppleness as the original fat and oil diminish, the leather becomes stiff and when flexed, it tears and cracks.

Most present-day leather care products are way behind time in terms of customer satisfaction, and still warn against the use on suede, which is ironic in the sense that the reverse side of the leather is suede, and any leather surface absorption affects the integrity of the leather structure, which is suede.

The lack of available side effect-free products led me to research and formulate Leather Doctor Products, based on modern leather tannery science and principles.

Leather Doctor product system is safely formulated for each leather type with its own specific solutions for identified problems. The result is a leather-safe system that matches specific problems with product solutions with sequences of steps to follow for each leather type, known as the leather problem-solving matrix.

Anyone can produce the desired result they want by following the sequence of steps. I have completed the research and development and laid out the system analysis as an R&D phase, on a one-man show. Now, Mera Koh a graduate in Accounting Technology teams up hopefully to take the Marketing phase to the next level.

Leather Doctors have taken an important step to improve the leather care industry by developing a leather-safe system based on leather science pH value, to cater to sensitive leather types such as Nubuck, Vachetta, suede, and pure aniline, and make it leather-safe!

Leather Doctor develops its range of products from fieldwork and understands that leather is an amphoteric or pH-sensitive material, any staining or cleaning liquid that has a pH value above leather pH neutral of 3 to 5 will have an adverse effect that denatures the leather, and the common issues are dye bleeding, stickiness, dryness, and stiffness when the liquids is absorbed and dried.

Leather Doctor overcame the common side effect issue, thus making leather care safe even for first-time users, by putting a suffix number to the product name that represents its pH value for easy reference.

This breakthrough in science and logical approach to leather care is attested by our help and support forum www.LeatherCleaningRestorationForum.com by both DIY and professional users since 2007.

Our technical help and support forum is a resource for leather problem-solving issues and common experiences shared with other product users.

It is likely that a similar problem you presently encounter has already been solved from this helpful resource.

However, the systematic approach to leather cleaning and restoration is first identifying the leather type if you are uncertain about this, you may post photos with descriptions to our help and support forum and we will help to troubleshoot your problem.

Once positively identified we will match it up with our leather problem-solving matrix as a reference and recommend a designated problem-solving kit for a holistic follow-through.

Thank you for your confidence in the Leather Doctor® system and look forward to being of assistance.


Mera & Roger - June 14, 2022