Leather Strong Cleaner 4.3

Leather Doctor®

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Product Overview

Leather Strong Cleaner 4.3 by Leather Doctor strong cleaner formulated for the periodic cleaning of heavily soiled leather in the more frequently used areas.

People Also Ask:

What is Leather Strong Cleaner 4.3?

Leather Strong Cleaner 4.3 is a pH 4.3 water-based strong cleaner with cleaning power between Leather Super Cleaner 4.9 and Leather Cleaner 3.8 within the Leather Doctor range of products.

It is formulated to ensure that the leather cleaning option is neither over-cleaned nor under-cleaned.

How Leather Strong Cleaner 4.3 Works

Leather Strong Cleaner 4.3 works by allowing sufficient dwell time to penetrate, lubricate, and suspend foreign soil contamination, working in conjunction with Leather Cleaner 3.8 to remove residue.

The system is completed with Leather Leather Rinse 3.0, resulting in a holistic, leather-safe, pH-balanced cleaning process.

What Leather Strong Cleaner 4.3 Cleans?

Leather Strong Cleaner 4.3 is a universal strong cleaner used for all leather types including Vachetta, Nubuck, pigmented, aniline, and suede.

What Brushes to Use?

Use a horsehair brush or Leather Brush 1 for all smooth leathers.

Use a nylon brush or Nubuck Brush-2 for nubuck.

Use a nylon brush or Suede Napa Brush-2 for napa suede.

Use a brass brush or Suede Split Brush-3 for coarse split suede.

Use a steel brush or Hide Brush-4 for Hair-on-Hide suede side.

What Erasers to Use?

Use a leather eraser or Eraser 4 for all smooth leathers, nubuck, and kid/lamb suede.

Use a suede eraser or Eraser 5 for all medium and coarse suede.

How to Clean with  Leather Strong Cleaner 4.3?

1* Concentrate in the bottle has to be cut/mixed with distilled water before use.

2* Identify, inspect, test, and dry soil removal before application.

3* Shake well, spray, and agitate with an appropriate brush.

4* Dwell for 10 to 30 minutes or before it dries for complete soil suspension to occur.

5* Extract suspended soiling, use a dry absorbent cotton terry towel.

How to Clean the Remaining Residue?

The remaining residue is cleaned with Leather Cleaner 3.8 follows by dry cotton terry towel extraction.

How to Rinse the Remaining Residue?

The remaining Cleaner 3.8 residue is rinsed to a healthy squeaky clean until the towel shows clean with Leather Rinse 3.0.

How to Remove Stubborn Soiling?

Stubborn soiling is removed with either Prep 7.7 for non-absorbent leathers or Prep 4.4 for all absorbent leathers including nubuck and suede.

Related Product:

1* To reduce leather tackiness when necessary, use Acidifier 2.0.

2* To hydrate stiff leather, use Hydrator 3.3.

3- To soften and strengthen leather, use Fatliquor 5.0.

4- To impart a non-stick rub-resistant protection, use Protector B, Protector D, Protector S, or Protector W to match.


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