Towel 5

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Product Overview

Towel 5 

This paper towel works like cloth, lint free, highly absorbent, stretchable and washable. 

People Also Ask:

How to use Towel 5 for Leather Cleaning and Conditioning?

* Wet Soiling Extractor - It is used for extracting suspended soiling during the wet cleaning process.

* Reverse Transfer Technique - It is used with its unique stretchability during wet application and shrinking with tightening up during the drying process, this phenomenon allows the suspending or migrating soiling particulates to wick through and easily peeling off the stain when crispy dry, instead of still remaining on the leather surface. The strength of this single ply allows the wet paper to further work with a combination of spraying-on and Leather Brush 1 without separating, creasing or tearing, thus ensuring an efficient airtight seal with an even essential surface contact.

* Reservoir - It is used to hold Hydrator 3.3 and Fatliquor 5.0 slow processes of dwelling or penetrating through absorbent leathers, micro crazing, stitching rows and perforated leathers; or on vertical panels for flow control.

* Padding and Blotting - It is used fold up as products applicator both for spreading, padding and blotting of excess.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review