Leather Ink Remover-7.7

Leather Doctor®

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Product Overview

Leather Ink Remover-7.7 by Leather Doctor is an ink stain remover, especially for ballpoint ink on the leather without the need for unnecessary physical damage.

People Also Ask:

How Ink Remover-7.7 Works?

Ink Remover-7.7 works by dwell time allowing it's superior penetrating, lubricating, and suspending power to do its work by reverse-transfer technique on non-absorbent leathers.

What is a 'Reverse Transfer' Technique?

A reverse transfer technique uses a stretchable white towel or Towel-5 as an extension of the leather surface.

This highly absorbent towel is placed over the ink stain and Ink Remover-7.7 is applied with a detailing horsehair brush squeezing any air bubbles out tight.

Ink Remover-7.7 is left to work with its penetrating, lubricating, and suspending power wicking the suspended ink stain through the towel to be peeled off the leather safely.

How does Leather Acidifier-2.0 work with Ink Remover-7.7?

Acidifier-2.0 with a pH value of 2.0 works as a rinse and a pH balancer to bring the pH value of 7.7 from the ink remover which is above the leather pH value of 3 to 5 back to its pH neutral.

This leather pH-neutralizing process can be experienced from an unhealthy sticky feel to a healthy squeaky feel. 

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review