Hair-on-Hide Zebra & Cow Sofa Cleaner, Conditioner & Repair Kit H7

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Product Overview

Hair-on-Hide Zebra & Cow Sofa Cleaner, Conditioner & Repair Kit H7 by Leather Doctor, cleans and conditions the hair and conditions and repairs the hide.

People Also Ask:

What is Hair-on-Hide?

A hair-on-hide is a full-sized animal like a zebra or cow with hair still intact, the hide is tanned as suede on the reverse side and is used as a rug laying flat on the floor or a piece of ottoman, armchair, or sofa upholstery.

Why Hair-on-Hide Dries Out?

When we talk about hide that is drying out, it is actually the fat and oil content that soften the hide with tear strength that has slowly evaporated since they are VOC volatile organic compounds. Placing them facing the direct sun, fireplace or heat source increases the rate of drying out.

Why Hair-on-Hide Rip Easily?

When hide rips easily it could have developed localized dry rot from unknown forgotten spills. Dry rotting is a slow drying process in a relatively warm and dry environment when the tanning fatliquor fat and oil eventually dry out from evaporation causing the hide to become stiff, brittle, fragile, and easily fall apart when accidental pressure is put on them. Dry rotting is preventable with periodic replenishing of the dried fat and oil content to keep the hide upholstery perpetually soft with practical strength.

Why Hair-on-Hide is getting Bald?

When hair-on-hide ages with dryness of its fat and oil content the hair follicles lose their holding strength and hair falls out from friction rubs is the beginning of slow dry rotting. Periodic fatliquor conditioning eliminates baldness with increased holding strength. Routine cleaning of soiling and rub-resistant conditioning of the hair reduce breakage.

How to Repair a Hair-on-Hide Rip without Removing the Hide?

Rip repair to the hair-on-hide is performed from the hair side without the need to remove the hide.

How to Repair a Hair-on-Hide Rip on Upholstery?

When a rip occurs, it is a sure sign that the hide has lost its tear strength, and hydrating with conditioning is highly recommended to restore its overall strength prior to repairs. When repair is performed from the hair side, it is also recommended that the hair side is first cleaned, rinsed, hydrated, and conditioned prior to repairs. Repair is performed with a leather bond that becomes part of the leather with a thin top-grain leather patch for strength and aesthetics.

Why Products in Concentrates?

Concentrate product has an indefinite shelf life, does not freeze, has less handling damage, and save cost on shipping weight.
Concentrates in the bottle have to be cut/mixed with distilled water prior to use.

How to Clean, Condition, and Repair a rip Hair-on-Hide Upholstery from the Hair side?
The answer from this hand-picked holistic system of products . . .

Cleaner-5.5 and Rinse-4.0 system!

Hair-on-Hide Cleaner-5.5 is a water-based pH 5.5 mild disinfectant cleaner to reduce odors during drying time for hair-on-hide. It cleans gently by penetrating, lubricating, and suspending soiling through a chemical reaction.

Hair-on-Hide Rinse-4.0 is a pH 4.0 value rinse that works in sync with Cleaner-5.5 to remove suspended soiling that also functions as a pH balancer for all hair-on-hides.

Hydrator-3.3 and Fatliquor-5.0 system!

Hydrator-3.3 is a water-based pH 3.3 relaxing conditioner used before fatliquor conditioning and also used as a surfactant cleaner to remove remnants thereafter.

Fatliquor-5.0 is a pH 5.0 ionic negative (-ve) charged micro-emulsion of fat, oil, and water conditioner for softening hide leather when dry.

Bond-3D and Patch-4S system!

Leather Bond-3D is water-based medium soft polyurethane that bonds the suede fibers when dries and becomes part of it. Repairs will require close contact until it dries to bond. Reinforcement is simply with Patch-4S for extra strength.


Leather Scent Protector-S+ is a leather scent nonstick rub-resistant protective conditioner with a silky feel for the hair.

How to Work on the Hair side with Cleaner-5.5 and Rinse-4.0 system?

1- Dry soiling removal by vacuuming off foreign soiling with help of nylon Brush-2, along the lay of the hair.

2- Cleaner-5.5 is applied and brushed along the lay of hair in one direction and cotton towel extracting suspended soiling until it shows clean, and continue with rinsing . . .

3- Rinse-4.0 is applied and brush along the lay of hair in one direction and cotton towel extract free of suds to a squeaky clean and continue with hydrating . . .

How to Work on the Hair side with Hydrator-3.3 and Fatliquor-5.0 system?

1- Hydrator-3.3 is applied directly onto the base of the hair with the help of a brush or a comb to part it. Application may be by direct spraying or indirect transferring to a foam brush for better control.

2- The entire panel is saturated without a dry edge until a little moisture ooze out when pressed with fingers.

3- Massaging/flexing/stretching/ of the repair area to allow overlapping of rip or tear.

4- When the hide is still damp to the touch or about 25% total moisture content reading from a leather moisture meter, Fatliquor-5.0 application commences. . .

5- Fatliquor-5.0 is applied similarly to Hydrator-3.3.

6- Saturate until a little moisture ooze out when pressed with fingers.

7- Allow natural water evaporation to take place, leaving behind the essential fat and oil.

8- Depending on pre-existing dryness additional application may be necessary, until the last application water evaporation cycle, the hide absorbs no more.

9- A leather moisture meter may be used to read its moisture content when dry, and an average of 14% of fat and oil content will contribute to the tensile strength of the hide from rip or tear.

10- Any sticky residue from Fatliquor-5.0 is rinsed off with Hydrator-3.3 to reduce soiling attraction or improve appearance.

11- Spray Hydrator-3.3, brush with nylon Brush-2 and wipe off with a cotton towel until the towel shows clean and dry.

12- Let slow natural drying for extra hide suppleness.

13- The rip or tear location is attended to by stretching it to close up tight while the hide is in the process of drying.

How to Work with Patch-4S and Bond-3D?

1- Rip or tear repairs begins by cutting out from a paper template with the center line drawn to indicate the actual positioning when the Patch-4S is inserted into position ready for Bond-3D.

2- Bond-3D is applied to the lower side of the rip so that the upper tear overlaps from the top of the repair seamlessly. Let it dry and firm up for better control for alignment prior to bonding the upper rip.

3- The repair has to be held in place with tie-down straps until the bond dries, otherwise it may move out of place and when dried will be tough to make any alignment adjustment.

How to work with Leather Scent Protector-S+ on the hair side?

1- Protector-S+ is shaken well and mist sprays evenly and brushed with nylon Brush-2 on the lay of the hair.

2- When dry thereafter groom again with nylon Brush-2 or a slick comb for the best appearance and it is ready for use.

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