Hair-on-Hide Zebra & Cow Rug Cleaner, Conditioner & Repair Kit H8

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Kit H8
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Product Overview

Hair-on-Hide Zebra & Cow Rug Cleaner, Conditioner & Repair Kit H8 by Leather Doctor, cleans and conditions both the hair and hide sides with rips repairs.

Kit H8 is an up-size version of Kit H7 for rugs with an extra Hydrator 3.3 in 60ml concentrates that becomes 1.64 quarts and Fatliquor 5.0 in 250ml concentrates that becomes 1.58 quarts.

People Also Ask:

What is Hair-on-Hide?

A hair-on-hide is a full-sized animal like a zebra or cow with hair still intact, the hide is tanned as suede on the reverse side and is used as a rug laying flat on the floor or a piece of upholstery.

Why do Hair-on-Hide Edges begin Curling?

Hair-on-hide rug edges begin curling is a sign of fat and oil drying up as the edges are more exposed to evaporation. Hydrating and fatliquor reconditioning will help the curls to lay flat, and soft with regain tear strength again.

Why Hair-on-Hide Rip Easily?

Hide will lose its rip tensile strength gradually in relation to the drying up of its fatliquor (fat and oil) content. As fat and oil are VOC (volatile organic compounds) evaporation will reduce their percentage translating to weakness in tear strength. Without periodic reconditioning to replenish the diminishing fat and oil content, it becomes easily ripped when a rug is dragged.

Why Hair-on-Hide Dry Rot?

Dry rotting is a slow drying process in a relatively warm and dry environment when the fat and oil eventually dry out from evaporation causing the hide to become stiff, brittle, fragile, and easily fall apart when drag. Dry rotting is preventable with periodic reconditioning.

Why Products in Concentrates?

Concentrate product has an indefinite shelf life, does not freeze, has less handling damage, and save cost on shipping weight.
Concentrates in the bottle have to be cut/mixed with distilled water prior to use.

How to Clean and Condition both the Hair and Hide sides prior to Repairs?
The answer is from this hand-picked holistic system of products . . .

Hair 5.5 and Rinse Hair 4.0 system!

Hair 5.5 is a water-based pH 5.5 mild disinfectant cleaner to reduce odors during drying time. It cleans gently by penetrating, lubricating, and suspending soiling through a chemical reaction.
Rinse Hair 4.0 is a pH 4.0 value rinse that works in sync with Clean 5.5 to remove suspended soiling that also functions as a pH balancer for all hair-on-hides.

Hydrator 3.3 and Fatliquor 5.0 system!

Hydrator 3.3 is a water-based pH 3.3 relaxing conditioner used before fatliquor reconditioning and also used as a surfactant cleaner to remove surface remnants thereafter. Fatliquor 5.0 is a pH 5.0 ionic negative (-ve) charged micro-emulsion of fat, oil, and water conditioner for softening hide leather when dry.

Bond 3D!

Bond 3D is water-based medium soft polyurethane that bonds the hide fibers when dries and becomes part of it. Repairs will require close contact until it dries to bond. Reinforcement is either with fine stitching and donor suede fibers taken from surrounding areas or scrap pieces similar to fiberglass repair techniques for better appearance or simply with Patch 4S for extra strength.

Protector S Plus!

Protector S Plus is a leather scent nonstick rub-resistant protective conditioner with a silky feel for the hair.

How to Work on the Hair side with Hair 5.5 and Rinse Hair 4.0 system?

1- Hair is brushed with a nylon brush in one direction and vacuumed.

2- Hair 5.5 is used for general cleaning followed by Hair-on-Hide Rinse Hair 4.0 in both applications with brushing and folding towel extraction in one direction changing sides until the towel shows clean and dry. And when the hair is dry flip it over to clean the hide side.

How to Work on the Hide side with Suede 4.5 and Rinse Suede 2.3 system?

1* Hide side dry soil removal with steel Hide Brush 4 brushing in one direction at an angle and exfoliating aging suede fiber with Eraser 5 followed by vacuum cleaning.

2* Suede 4.5 is sprayed, brushed, erased, and suspended wet soiling is towel extracted until new folding sides show clean.

3* Rinse Suede 2.3 is again sprayed, brushed, erased, and suspended wet soiling is towel extracted until new folding sides show clean and let dry to allow further wicking of soiling to the surface to be brushed, erase, and vacuum; ready for hydrating.

How to Work on the Hide side with Hydator 3.3 and Fatliquor 5.0 system?

1* Hydrator 3.3 is sprayed and brushed using steel Hide Brush 4 to distribute and be absorbed into the suede structure.

2* When the hide appears evenly with moisture saturation, staking, massaging, and flexing return the hide flat ready for Fatliquor 5.0 reconditioning.

3* Fatliquor 5.0 is sprayed and brushed using steel Hide Brush-4 to distribute and be absorbed into the hide.

4* Fatliquor 5.0 is repeatedly applied each time the water content evaporates and until the hide takes no more.

5* Fatliquor 5.0 are left to slow natural drying and before it is fully dried, staking, massaging, or flexing until fully dry will result in a more soft and flexible hide ready for repair.

How to Work with Patch 4S and Bond 3D?

1* Patch 4S is cut to strip at least an inch width to allow bonding half an inch on both sides of the rip with a center line.

2* Bond 3D is applied half an inch on both sides of the rip and entirely on the hide side of the patch and pressed in place accordingly with no air space along the edge and let overnight to cure.

3* With the satisfactory inspection of the repair, the hide is turned over to the hair side for a silky feel and non-stick protection.

How to work with Protector S Plus on the hair side?

1* Protector S Plus is mist sprayed and brushed in one direction and left to dry.

2* The hair is again brushed when dry for softness.

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