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Rinse Suede 2.3

Leather Doctor®

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Product Overview

Rinse Suede 2.3 by Leather Doctor is a pH 2.3 value rinse to remove suspended soiling that also functions as a pH balancer for suede, split-suede, and Nubuck.
Rinse Suede 2.3 removes suspended soiling by towel extraction while pH-balancing harmful alkaline residues and charging the protein fiber ionic positive simultaneously to increase the attraction between the ionic negative suede constituent like the tanning agent, dyestuff, and fatliquor. End result should produce a squeaky feel otherwise proceed with the optional lower pH value Acidifier 2.0 to resolve any alkaline overexposure sticky or slimy issue.

How to Apply:

1* Cut/mix concentrates in the bottle with distilled water before use.

2* Identify, inspect, test, and dry soil removal prior to application.

3* Shake well, spray, and agitate with an appropriate brush.

4* Extract suspended soiling with a dry highly absorbent terry cotton towel.


Use Protector S or leather scented Protector S Plus for napa suede and nubuck.

* Use Protector W or leather scented Protector W Plus for split-suede.


Cleaning tools used include nylon brushes for suede, brass brushes for split-suede, and steel brushes for hide in conjunction with a suede eraser. Avoid careless scratches working with brass and steel brushes.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review