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Rinse Hair 4.0

Leather Doctor®

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Product Overview

Rinse Hair 4.0 by Leather Doctor is a hair-on-hide pH balance rinse after cleaning with Hair 5.5, to leave the hair a healthy squeaky clean from hair breakage. Rinse Hair 4.0 works by spray and towel extraction rinsing. It neutralize and stabilize suspended soiling residue, returning the hair to its pH chemistry integrity. Rinse Hair 4.0 is pH 4.0, safe for hair-on-hide, wool skin, sheepskin, shearling, feather, and all fabrics except rayon and silk.


1* Mix concentrate in the bottle with distilled water before use.

2* Spray and towel extract suspended soiling until it shows clean.

3* Groom and let dry naturally.

4* When crispy and dry, groom again with a slick comb for a bloom.


Protect the hair with Protector S for a non-stick rub-resistant silky feel. The leather scent version is Protector S Plus that masks the common issue with hair-on-hide when damp.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review