Leather Vachetta Dye-Transfer Stain Remover - Kit-V5.ds

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Vachetta Leather Dye-Transfer Stain Remover - Kit-V5.ds


Dye-transfer stains from new blue jeans, including clothing, fabric, paper and plastic object is a common occurrence.

Most dyestuff are acidic in nature and so is naked leather thus is easily rubbed and transferred onto vachetta leathers.


Vachetta leather is pH sensitive that even clean tap water with a pH value of neutral 7 will easily marks and rings it.

However, to remove a dyes transfer stain would also require a mild pH 7.9 surface active agent to moves it.

By doing so would then need a low pH value 2.0 rinse to neutralized it back to its original pH value of 3-5 without producing any side effects. Tackiness if any is rectified during the low pH value rinsing process to return the leather to a healthy squeaky feel. By the way tackiness is a sign of leather denaturing back to raw hide as the tanning agent breaks the ionic hydrogen bonding with the leather protein fiber.


Returning the leather back to its original suppleness is accomplished with the process of leather rejuvenating with a hydrating and fatliquoring system.


Healing, sealing and a non-stick, rub-resistant protection is accomplished with a draggy-feel protector system.

This kit comes with reduce shipping weight, thus all the concentrates in the bottles have to be mix/cut and fill with distilled water prior to use.




Dye-Transfer Stain Removal System:

1- Apply LeatherDyeRemover-7.9 onto Towel-5 and gently rub over the dye-transfer stain and lightly feather out.

2- Fold the Towel-5 to a clean face and again damp with LeatherDyeRemover-7.9 to repeat the gentle wiping action.

3- Repeat the above step until the towel shows clean or until the stain is completely removed.

4- Stubborn stain will require the product to be brush with HorsehairBrush-1 and let to dwell for up to 72 hours time with repeat Towel-5 extraction.

5- The above steps may be repeated until satisfaction.


Dye-Transfer Stain Rinsing System:

1- Apply LeatherAcidifier-2.0, brush with HorsehairBrush-1 and use a dry terry cotton towel or Towel-5 to extract until towel shows clean.

2- Any tackiness during the rinsing process is rectified until it returns to a healthy squeaky feel.


Hydrating System:

1- Apply LeatherHydrator-3.3 to saturate the leather with a little moisture oozing when press with fingers.

2- Use dry terry cotton towel or Towel-5 to extract until towel shows clean.

3- Proceed while the leather is still damp with fatliquoring.


Fatliquoring System:

1- LeatherFatliquor-5.0 is applied and saturate into the leather structure.

2- Repeat saturation once the fatliquor emulsion penetrates and after the water content to evaporates.

3- This replenishing process is repeat until the  leather is fully saturates and absorbed no more.

4- The fully saturates leather is left to slow natural drying.

5- Before it fully dries, a little massaging and flexing will produce a more supple leather.


Rub-Resistant Protection System:

1- Apply LeatherProtector-D use a  foam brush or paper towel to redistribute it and is ready for use when dry.

Last Edited: February 13, 2020



(No reviews yet) Write a Review