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Product Overview

Vachetta Leather Dark Grease Stain Remover Kit V4 by Leather Doctor is a cleaner and conditioner to restore oil, grease, and sweat-darkening stains on Vachetta.

Kit V4 is handpicked and bundled from these individual products: Degreaser 2.2, Vachetta Pro 1.2, and Acidifier 2.0 as the specialty cleaning system. The leather softening system to prevent cracking is by Hydrator 3.3 and Fatliquor 5.0. Redox (oxidation-reduction) reaction to lighten aged vachetta is by Vachetta 2.8. And the rub-resistant protection is with Protector DSimple tools include Leather Brush 1, Eraser 4, Foam Brush 3, and Towel 5.

People Also Ask:

What is Vachetta Leather?

Vachetta leather also known as saddlery, bridle, equestrian, craft, or tooling leather, is vegetable-tanned and can be found in boots, wallets, saddles, furniture, and bags made popular by Loius Vuitton.

Why does Vachetta leather Darken by Body Oil, Grease, and Sweat Stain?

Vachetta a naked unfinished leather absorbs water and oil readily. Both oil and grease stains produce an immediate color change, it is the prolonging sweat content that when ferments turn alkaline with an ammonia odor causes the tanning agent to break out to the surface and when oxidized darkens the Vachetta leather.

Why Wet Leather becomes Stiff when Dry?

Due to the “Van der Waals' phenomenon in the drying process, the empty or insufficient fatliquor in the leather fiber structure is likely to result in stiff leather as the fibers become stuck together, cracks magnify and new ones may show.

How to Restore Darkening Body Stain on Vachetta Leather?

Vachetta leather darkening stain by prolonged body oil, grease, and sweat has to be restored in a holistic dovetailing 8 sequence of steps:

1* Surface Soiling Removal.

2* Degreaser-2.2.

3* Vachetta Pro 1.2.

4* Acidifier 2.0

5* Hydrator 3.3.

6* Fatliquor 5.0.

7* Vachetta 2.8.

8* Protector D.

"Why the following Products are Picked as a Holistic System to Remove Dark Grease Stain on Vachetta leather?"

The answer . . .

Degreaser 2.2, Vachetta Pro 1.2 and Acidifier-2.0 system!

Degreaser 2.2 is a pH 2.2 water-based degreaser to penetrate, lubricate, and suspense oily and greasy soiling with a dual purpose to charge the weakening ionic positive (+ve) leather protein fiber from shifting ionic negative (-ve) caused by the fermenting alkaline shifting sweat affecting the migrating tanning agent turning dark on Vachetta.

Vachetta Pro 1.2 is a dual-purposeful low-pH heavy-duty cleaner and low-pH balancing conditioner working in sync with Degreaser 2.2 for restoring the leather darkening effect from the fugitive tanning agent due to alkalinity from the sweat.

Acidifier 2.0 is a pH 2.0 leather acidifier rinse and pH balancing conditioner working in sync with Vachetta Pro 1.5 to control Vachetta darkening effect from sweat contamination.

Hydrator 3.3 and Fatliquor 5.0 system!

Hydrator 3.3 is a water-based pH 3.3 relaxer conditioner used before fatliquor top-up and a surfactant cleaner to remove surface remnants thereafter.

Fatliquor 5.0 is a pH 5.0 ionic negative (-ve) charged micro-emulsion of fat, oil, and water conditioner for top-up softening Vachetta leather when dry.

Vachetta 2.8!

Vachetta 2.8 is a pH 2.8 oxidation-reduction reaction cleaner for lightening oxidized darkening effect.

Protector D!

Protector D is a rub resistance protective conditioner with a draggy feel. 

Why Products in Concentrates?

Concentrate product has an indefinite shelf life, does not freeze, has less handling damage, and save on shipping weight.

Concentrates in the bottle have to be cut/mixed with distilled water before use.

How to work with Degreaser 2.2, Vachetta Pro 1.5 and Acidifier 2.0 system?

1* Degreaser 2.2 has to be shaken to gel before use.

2* Degreaser 2.2 is transferred to Leather Brush 1 or Eraser 4 before working deep into the grease stain with brush agitation and eraser traction to remove surface soiling.

3* Suspended soiling is towel extracted and changing folding sides until the towel shows clean.

4* Vachetta Pro 1.2 is sprayed and work by brushing and erasing the stain out to the edge of the panel and towel extract until the change folding sides shows clean.

5* Acidifier 2.0 is sprayed and worked by brushing and erasing again and towel extract until change folding sides shows clean.

How to work with Hydrator 3.3 and Fatliquor 5.0 system?

1* Hydrator 3.3 is sprayed and worked by brushing and erasing again and towel extract until change folding sides shows clean.

2* Hydrator-3.3 is again applied to plump softness and the leather creases, wrinkles, or stiffness if any is stake, massage, or flex to satisfaction and towel extract until change folding sides shows dry.

3* Fatliquor 5.0 is sprayed and brushed into the leather to plump softness and let it dry.

4* Fatliquor 5.0 is repeatedly applied each cycle the water content dries until the last application when the leather absorbs no more ends the repeat application, and the leather is left for slow drying.

5* Fatliquor 5.0 remnant if any is driven into the leather or wiped off with Hydrator 3.3 and left to dry before redox treatment.

How to work with Vachetta 2.8?

1* Vachetta 2.8 is sprayed over the dried surface without a dry edge to avoid drying marks and left to dry for a oxidation-reduction chemical reaction to take effect.

2* The appearance is inspected and treatment may repeat accordingly.

3* Any surface drying residue is wiped away with Hydrator 3.3 and let to dry.

How to work with Protector-D?

1* Protector-D is sprayed and spread out with a lint-free towel let dry and the leather is ready to use.

Your Questions are Welcome! 

Email Comments by G. D. on 2-Feb-2019: I want to tell you how unbelievably grateful I am for your products. They are just amazing and there is absolutely nothing else like them.  I’m able to restore vintage Louis Vuitton bags to the point where before and after pictures of the leather are hard to believe.  So a very big thank you!!!


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    Did a fantastic job restoring Vachetta to original state

    Posted by Unknown on 4th Mar 2020

    Cleaned, lightened and conditioned Vachetta trim. Bag looks almost new.