Leather Nubuck Bloodstain Remover - Kit-N5.bs

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This kit comes with reduced weight option to save on shipping thus all the 250ml concentrate ratio has to be filled up with distilled water prior to use.

Leather Doctor® Kit-N5.bs, nubuck leather bloodstain removal kit is designed for removing coagulating and rusty bloodstains. Old bloodstains do coagulates and dried bloodstains may range from tan to dark brown with an outer ring. Dried deposits are gently brushed, thereafter CleanProtein-9.9 is applied with gentle agitation until it starts to dissolve and run. Acidifier-2.0 is use to neutralize and rinse remaining residue. d’Tarnish-1.3 continues to works on the rusty trace of the stain until naturally dry. When the stain is gone, Hydrator-3.3 follows to relax stiff leathers and remove surface tension for an even appearance. Fatliquor-5.0 replenishing rejuvenates the leather structure for suppleness when dry. The surface wear of the leather is greatly reduced with a rub-resistant Protector-S that enhances a non-stick silky-feel to shield against sticky soiling. Note that the mentioned products suffix numbers denotes its pH value for a safer bloodstain removing process on nubuck leathers.


1. If the blood has dried and caked, the build up area should be gently brushed with Nubuck Brush-2 or using a wooden ice-cream stick as spatula.

2. Apply CleanProtein-9.9 to the center of the stain and start massaging gently with Brush-2 or Spatula to breakup the stain.

3. Continue applying (control to not to overflow too far over the stain edge).

4. Agitate and towel extract until towel shows clean.

5. Neutralize and rinse off remaining residue with Acidifier-2.0 until towel shows clean.

6. Allow to dry for inspection.

7. Any traces of iron (rust) coloring component remaining are removed with CleanTarnish-1.3.

8. Apply neatly onto the stain and let it natural dry to do its reduction-oxidation (redox) reaction.

9. Inspect when dry for satisfaction or repeat treatment.

10. Satisfied result will need immediately neutralized and rinse off with Basifier-8.8.


Option is by leather rejuvenating (Hydrator-3.3 > Fatliquor-5.0) any faded leathers to intensify it with camouflaging help.

Another is by color refinishing to improve appearance.

Visit: www.LeatherCleaningRestorationForum.com for technical help and support.

Email: info@leatherdoctor.com for other information.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review