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Product Overview

Aniline Wax Pull Up Leather Care Kit AW3 by Leather Doctor cleans, rinses, hydrates, softens, restores, and protects wax pull-up leather to its original state.

This Kit AW3 is handpicked to perform preventive, routine, periodic, and restorative care to keep appearance and sitting comfort to an all-time high.

Kit AW3 is bundled with a four-step system consisting of Cleaning, Softening, Pull-Up, and Protection to complete a holistic approach to the care of Wax Pull-Up leather. This experience takes it back to its original showroom state. These product links are for your convenience in ordering individual refills.

The 4 steps are as follows:

1* Cleaning system is performed by Prep 4.4Clean 3.8, and Rinse 3.0

2* Softening system is performed by Hydrator 3.3 and Fatliquor 5.0.

3* Pull-Up System is perform by Wax Pull Up 8.6.

4* Protection system is performed by Protector D

Simple tools used are Leather Brush 1Foam Brush 3, and Towel 5

Optional mentioned are:

* Sanitizing with Sanitizer 3.9.

* Top Coat Shine Refinishing with Aniline Top 76G.

People Also Ask:

What is Wax Pull-Up Leather?

Wax pull-up leather has a secondary fashion effect conditioner like Wax Pull Up 8.6 besides the primary softening conditioner all other leathers must have.

How to Identify Wax Pull-Up Leather?

A stretch or pull reveals a lighter color and reverts back when heat rubs with the hand.

This pull-up effect loses its liveliness when this secondary Wax Pull-up conditioner dries or the leather has aged.

The reverse suede takes the color as the surface with this aniline dyed-through leather.

The surface has a gloss sheen typical with this wax pull-up leather.

Why Fading is Common on Aniline Wax Pull-Up Leather?

Aniline dyestuff is more sunlight or UV-light-sensitive.

The primary fatliquor conditioner is a VOC (volatile organic compound), which dries lose the color intensity from its fat and oil.

Why Does leather-facing Sunlight often feel Stiffer?

Leathers that faced the sun, closed to fireplace and heaters dries out the fat and oil that keeps it supple sooner than the non-heat exposed areas.

How Does Leather become Stiff?

The diminishing of the fat and oil through evaporation results in the leather fibers being stuck closer together which results in stiffness and when flexed during use will lead to cracks.

How to Maintain Leathers to have Perpetual Softness?

Perpetual leather softness is performed with periodic relaxing of fibers from becoming stuck together with Hydrator 3.3, prior to fat and oil conditioning replenishment with Fatliquor 5.0.

Sufficient fat and oil content within the leather structure will keep the leather supple and strong.

Thus, reducing the premature aging of the leather against stiffness and cracking.

"Why these Products are Picked as a Holistic System to Clean and Condition Wax Pull-up leather?"

The answer is . . . 

Prep 4.4, Clean 3.8, and Rinse 3.0 system!

Prep 4.4  is a pH 4.4 water-based, heavy-duty preparatory cleaner that safely removes accumulative soiling on pH-sensitive aniline leathers.

Clean 3.8 is a water-based all-purpose mild cleaner with a pH value of 3.8 for removing Prep 4.4 residues and general cleaning follows by Rinse 3.0 sync as an all-purpose rinse.

Hydrator 3.3 and Fatliquor 5.0 system!

Hydrator 3.3 is a water-based pH 3.3 hydrator conditioner to relax and plump soft leather fibers for more effective Fatliquor-5.0 top-up conditioning.

Fatliquor 5.0 is a pH 5.0 ionic negative (-ve) charged micro-emulsion fat, oil, and water for conditioning leather softness and strength when dry.

Fatliquor 5.0 on application, the water-encased fat and oil molecule breaks free when ionic attraction takes place between the fat and oil with the leather protein fiber.

The excess free water wicks out leaving a breathing space behind for leather's natural transpiration.

Wax Pull Up 8.6 and Protector D system!

Wax Pull Up 8.6 is the secondary fashion effect conditioner that characterize the aniline leather pull-up effect and its characteristic glossy sheen.

Protector D imparts a draggy feel and enhances a non-stick surface to shield the effect of sticky soiling.

Wax pull-up surface wear is greatly reduced besides its healing and concealing repairs on light scuff and abrasion marks. 

"Why Products in Concentrates?"

Concentrate product has an indefinite shelf life, does not freeze, has less handling damage, and save on shipping weight.

Concentrates in the bottle have to be mixed with distilled water before use.

How to work with Prep 4.4, Clean 3.8 and Rinse 3.0 system?

1* Prep 4.4 works with a detailing Leather Brush 1, to allow for a sufficient dwell time of 5 mins to an hour for penetrating, lubricating, and suspending the soiling, then brush again prior to towel extraction until the new folding side shows clean.

2* Clean 3.8 is sprayed and worked again with detailing Leather Brush 1 and towel extraction until the new folding side shows clean.

3* Rinse 3.0 is sprayed and works again with detailing Leather Brush-1 and towel extraction until the new folding side shows clean.

How to work with Hydrator 3.3 and Fatliquor 5.0 system?

1* Hydrator 3.3 is sprayed and brushed using a detailing Leather Brush 1 to distribute and soak into the leather structure.

2* Hydrator 3.3 moisture saturation when reached an even appearance staking, massaging, and flexing almost dry return the leather ready for Fatliquor 5.0 top-up conditioning.

3* Fatliquor 5.0 is sprayed over the almost dry leather and works to plump the leather again with saturation and left to naturally dry.

4* Fatliquor 5.0 each application is repeated to be left naturally dry until the last application is fully saturated.

5* With the last application almost dry staking, massaging, and flexing the leather to fully dry produce a softer suede.

How to work with Leather Wax Pull Up 8.6?

1* Wax Pull Up 8.6 is sprayed and brushed using a Leather Brush-1 to distribute and be absorbed into the leather.

2* Wax Pull Up 8.6 is repeatedly applied each time the water content evaporates until the leather takes no more and is left to naturally dry.

3* Wax Pull Up 8.6 coagulating cloudy waxy crystalline coating on the surface is to be heat activated into the characteristic glossy sheen.

How to work with Protector D?

1* Protector D is sprayed and spread out with a lint-free towel let dry and the leather is ready to use.

"What is a Systematic Cycle of Care?"

A systematic cycle of care includes preventive, routine, periodic, and restorative levels of care to bring suppleness, and appearance at all times high.

What is a Preventive Care System?

A preventive care system is the application of non-stick, rub-resistant protection to increase the leather's resistance to wet and dry rubs, thus reducing stretch, scuff, and abrasion with Protector D.

What is a Routine Care System?

A routine care system would need leather-safe products such as Sanitizer 3.9, Rinse 3.0, and Protector D.

A routine care system includes procedures such as general dust cleaning and attending to spots and stains as required.

A routine care system neutralizing sweat or perspiration stains from shifting alkaline with Rinse 3.0 prevents the leather from tackiness.

A routine care system sanitizing the leather with Sanitizer 3.9 keeps a hygienic bacteria-free surface.

A routine care system surface conditioning with Protector D performs as a scuff repairer, filling and concealing surface scuffs to improve appearance.

What is a Periodic Care System?

A periodic care system requires more frequent attention to body contact than non-body contact surfaces while the headrest and armrest get the most body oil, grease, and sweat.

A periodic care system is recommended before soiling causes damage to the leather finishing.

A periodic care system keeps leather consistently clean and healthy at all times.

A periodic care system cleaning product includes Clean 3.8 and Rinse-3.0.

A periodic care system conditioning products include Hydrator 3.3, Fatliquor 5.0, Wax Pull Up 8.6, and Protector D to return the leather to the highest level of suppleness and appearance.

What is a Restorative Care System?

A restorative care system is the ultimate salvage care system that removes accumulated soiling and aged conditioners.

A restorative care system would require cleaning products such as Prep 4.4, Clean 3.8 and Rinse 3.0.

A restorative care system would require conditioning products such as Hydrator 3.3, Fatliquor 5.0, Wax Pull Up 8.6, and Protector D.

A restorative care system would require optional refinishing products to renew the gloss topcoat such as Aniline Top 76G.

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