Auto Leather Steering Wheel Degreaser Kit Ap5.dr

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Product Overview

Auto Leather Steering Wheel Degreaser Kit Ap5.dr by Leather Doctor is a leather-safe degreasing system formulated for the sticky leather steering wheel from body oil, grease, and sweat contacts that easily build up to unwanted sticky shine.

People Also Ask?

Why a Low pH 2.2 Water-Based Degreaser?

Unlike degreasing with a solvent-based degreaser, which further dries the leather of its fat and oil with tackiness, a water-based low pH degreaser like Leather Degreaser-2.2, besides effectively emulsifying the greasy contamination, strengthens the leather’s pH chemistry integrity charging the leather fiber ionic positive to keep the ionic attraction between the other ionic negatives leather constituents like the tanning agent, dyestuff and the fatliquor, leather-safe with no side effects.

How to Degrease Sticky Leather Steering Wheel Holistically?

Step-1. Degreasing:

The degreased and suspended emulsified contamination from Leather Degreaser-2.2 is removed with Leather Acidifier-2.0 as a rinse.

Step-2. Reconditioning:

Reconditioning the leather for suppleness is performed with Leather Hydrator-3.3 to relax stiff leather and remove surface tension to the desired appearance before fat and oil are replenished. Fat and oil reconditioning is performed with Leather Fatliquor-5.0 to rejuvenate the leather for the desired softness with suppleness when dry.

Step-3. Top Coating:

Micro Leather Top-54M is a matte urethane OEM grade topcoat for renewing deteriorated topcoat.

Step-4. Protection:

Leather Protector-D imparts a draggy feel for a safer grip to complete this holistic leather degreasing system for the sticky steering wheel.



1. Protect surrounding areas with plastic covering from overspray and drips prior to degreasing.
2. Shake the Leather Degreaser-2.2 to gel prior to use.
3. Transfer to the horsehair detailing brush and apply directly with agitation for product penetration into the leather.
4. Suspended soiling is extracted with a terry towel until the towel shows clean.
5. Spray soaks Leather Acidifier-2.0 as rinse into the leather, agitate, and extract until towel shows clean.
6. Inspect for shine and sticky when dry, scrutinize if the topcoat is intact


1. Leather Hydrator-3.3 is applied to soak into the leather to relax stiff and stick together fibers and to wick out suspended foreign contamination.
2. Wrapping the leather with a paper towel and wetting it out with Leather Hydrator-3.3 is an advanced technique to let the leather soak up.
3. The paper towel is left on the leather to dry naturally; this technique allows the wick-soiling particulates to be trapped by the paper towel instead of remaining on the leather surface.

Fat and Oil Reconditioning:

1. Leather Fatliquor-5.0 is applied with a foam brush until saturation.
2. A continuous second or third application is repeated each round the water contents evaporate until saturation.
3. When the topcoat is to be applied the surface has to be free of surface fat and oil. This is accomplished with Leather Hydrator-3.3 application and wiping the surface with an absorbent white towel.

Topcoat Refinishing:

1. Prior to the Micro Top-54M application, the surface is dry-prep to be free of foreign residue and lint.
2. Shake the product well and apply it with the lint-free Towel-5 or foam brush.
3. Speed dries between coats with the help of a hairdryer.
4. Use less pressure to reduce streaks for subsequent coats.
5. 2000-grit sanding may apply to improve touch and appearance.
6. Inspect for appearance and feel of hand.
7. If tackiness is detected in extreme cases a 10% Leather Crosslinker-25 is recommended to be added to the Micro Top-54M for reapplication.


1. Leather Protector-D is applied to the leather with either a foam brush or Towel-5.
2. For routine application, a paper towel is recommended to extract soiling simultaneously.



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