Leather Conditioner Wax Pull Up 8.6

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Product Overview

Leather Conditioner Wax Pull-Up 8.6 by Leather Doctor is a rejuvenator for restoring the diminishing aniline wax effect lost through usage, aging, or cleaning.

It is highly recommended that the primary leather softening process of hydration and fatliquoring be completed to satisfaction before applying the secondary wax pull-up effect.

How to Apply Wax Pull Up 8.6?

1* To mix concentrates in the bottle with distilled water, warm up, and shake well.

2* To spray, spread, and saturate sufficiently with a horsehair brush evenly to produce a darkening effect.

3* To allow up to 8 hours of natural drying time or until crystalline are apparent.

4* To activate the wax deposit with a heat blower or hairdryer to a natural gloss luster.

5* To impart an extra gloss option use Aniline Top 76G .

6* To impart a non-stick rub-resistant protection, use Protector D or Protector D Plus  

What is a Holistic Sequence of Processes?

1* Degreasing body oil, grease and sweat contamination is perform with Degreaser 2.2 and Acidifier 2.0 system.

2* Restorative Cleaning is perform by Prep 4.4Clean 3.8 and Rinse 3.0 system.

3* Periodic Cleaning is perform with Clean 3.8 and Rinse 3.0 system.

4* Sanitizing is perform by Sanitizer 3.9.

5* Hydrating is perform by Hydrator 3.3 for returning the leather structure back to the original dimension correcting overstretching or unnatural creases and wrinkles.

6* Softening is perform by Fatliquor 5.0 for returning the leather to its original fatliquor suppleness moisture content up to 14% practice by today's modern tannery standard.

7* Pull-up fashion effect is perform by Wax Pull Up 8.6 for replenishing the wax pull-up effect with sufficient penetration or saturation, a fine wax crystalline will form as it dries and thereby activates into a natural gloss luster with a heat blower or hot hairdryer.

8* Gloss luster is perform by Aniline Top 76G to achieve or match the desired gloss level.

9* Non-stick, rub-resistant protection is perform by Protector D Plus or Protector D against soiling and wear.

Content - People Also Ask:

1* What is a Wax Pull Up Leather?

2* What is a Wax Pull Up Conditioner?

3* How to Identify Wax Pull Up Leather?

4* How Does Wax Pull Up Conditioner Work?

5* What is a Wax Pull Up Protective Conditioner?

1* What is a Wax Pull Up Leather?

Wax pull-up aniline leathers are more often found in lively upholstery with a glossy luster, made popular by Restoration Hardware, such as Brompton, Maxwell, and Lancaster Couch.

2* What is a Wax Pull Up Conditioner?

Wax Pull Up 8.6 is a secondary structural conditioner used after Fatliquor 5.0 (fat and oil) to restore a natural sheen and impart a stretchable pull-up to wax pull up leathers.

3* How to Identify Wax Pull Up Leather?

Wax pull up leather, when pulled or stretched, it lightens up and when released returns back to a pre-stretch appearance.

Wax pull-up liveliness of response depends on the percentage of fatliquor and wax effect content remaining within the leather structure.

4* How Does Wax Pull-Up Conditioner Work?

The wax pull-up routine is a standalone application.

It involves spraying the conditioner onto the leather and working it into the structure with a horsehair brush, such as the Leather Brush 1, to achieve an even appearance.

Upon application, the wax pull-up penetrates the leather structure, while the wax content crystallizes on the surface as it dries.

This results in a cloudy wax crystalline that typically takes around 8 hours to form.

To activate the wax pull-up surface, a heat blower or a hot hair dryer can be used to transform the crystalline wax into a coating of natural gloss, which is commonly associated with the wax pull-up effect.

For an optional distress effect, kneading and massaging the leather can be done to achieve the desired result.

5* What is a Wax Pull Up Protective Conditioner?

Wax pull-up surface protective conditioner like Protector D or the leather scent version Protector D Plus imparts the leather surface with non-stick, rub-resistant protection against soiling and wear, to reduce or eliminate surface scuffing.


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