Auto Leather Urine Odor Killer Kit

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Product Overview

Auto Leather Urine Odor Killer Kit by Leather Doctor is specially formulated to decontaminate urine problems on leathers.

What is Urine on Leather?

Aged urine on leather is detectable with its characteristic ammonic odor. The fugitive tanning agent may surface as dark stains and fatliquor spew as sticky cloudy substances. The presence of ammonic odor may indicate the shifting of the leather pH value up to 10. The leather will most likely feel sticky or slimy when wet finger testing it. This sticky feeling is a sign of leather denaturing and reverting to rawhide.

How to Decontaminate Urine Odor?

Stabilizing this sticky phenomenon is done with pre-cleaning with Urine Cleaner-1.5 followed by Acidifier-2.0. Urine Killer-1.2 treatment is to neutralize the urine turning ammonic and is let to soak in contact for a chemical reaction to take place and is very noticeable with a strong sour odor. This odor diminishes as it slowly evaporates. At this stage, the leather should feel squeaky after returning to its chemistry integrity of pH 3 to 5. Stiff leather is relaxed and sticks together fiber separated by Hydrator-3.3. The penetrated stain-removing process continues with hydrating until complete satisfaction during a dry inspection prior to fat and oil replenishing with Scent Fatliquor-5.5. In severe cases, color refinishing is the last resort for a pleasing appearance.


Restoration Cleaning:

1. Surface contamination is towel extracted and remaining soiling is removed with Urine Cleaner-1.5 in conjunction with detailing horsehair Brush-1 and terry towel extraction until the towel shows clean. The remaining residue is further rinsed off with Acidifier-2.0 in conjunction with Brush-1 and towel extraction until the towel shows clean. The leather surface is detected for any tackiness and should return to a healthy squeaky feel once the leather is pH balanced.

Urine Treatment:

1. Urine Killer-2.1 is applied and soaked until naturally dry. The sour odor will dissipate once it evaporates completely. 


1. Hydrator-3.3 is applied to soak into the leather to relax stiff and stick together fibers and to wick out suspended foreign contamination.
2. Wrapping the leather with a paper towel and wetting it out with Hydrator-3.3 is an advanced technique to let the leather soak up the hydrator for slow absorbent leather.
3- The paper towel is left on the leather to dry naturally; this technique allows the wick-soiling particulates to be wicked by the paper towel instead of remaining on the leather surface.

Fat and Oil Reconditioning:

1. Scent Fatliquor-5.5 is applied and distributed with a foam brush until the leather is saturated.
2. Continuous second or third application is repeated each round the water contents evaporate until saturation.
3. Leave the leather natural drying for extra softness.

Rub-Resistant Protection:

1. Scent Protector-B+ is applied by mist spray and spread with a paper towel.
2. For routine application, a paper towel is recommended to extract soiling simultaneously.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review