Leather Wax Pull-Up-8.6

Leather Doctor®

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Product Overview

Leather Wax Pull-Up-8.6 by Leather Doctor is a wax leather conditioner for restoring a diminishing wax pull-up effect lost through usage, aging, or cleaning.

People Also Ask:

What is a Wax Pull-Up Conditioner?
Wax Pull-Up-8.6 is a secondary structural conditioner used after Fatliquor-5.0 (fat and oil) to restore a natural sheen and impart a stretchable pull-up to wax pull-up leathers.

What is a Wax Pull-Up Leather?
Wax pull-up aniline leathers are more often found in indoor upholstery and fashion garments with a gloss luster.

How to Identify Wax Pull-Up Leather?
Wax pull-up leather when pulled or stretched it lightens up and when released returns back to a pre-stretch appearance. Wax pull-up liveliness of response depends on the percentage of fatliquor and wax effect content remaining within the leather structure.

How Wax Pull-Up Conditioner Works?
Wax pull-up routine standalone application is by spraying and working with a horsehair Brush into the leather structure for an even appearance. Wax pull-up content penetrates into the leather structure while the wax content will crystallize on the leather surface as it dries up from 8 hours or sooner forming a covering of a cloudy wax crystalline. Wax pull-up fine covering of crystalline wax is activated with a heat blower or hair dryer transforming them into a coating of natural gloss effect commonly associated with wax pull-up leathers. Wax pull-up optional distress effect is created by kneading and massaging to achieve the desired result.

What is a Surface Wax Pull-Up Protective Conditioner?
Wax pull-up surface protective conditioner like Leather Scent Protector-D+ or the scentless version of Leather Protector-D imparts the leather surface with non-stick, rub-resistant protection against soiling and wear. Wax pull-up routinely use Leather Scent Protector-D+ or the scentless version of Leather Protector-D to reduce or eliminate surface scuffing.

What is a Holistic Sequence of Process? 

1 – Removing all foreign soiling contamination by degreasing and appropriately matching specialty restorative cleaning systems.

2 – Hydrator-3.3 for returning the leather structure back to the original dimension correcting overstretching or unnatural creases and wrinkles.

3 – Fatliquor-5.0 for returning the leather to its original fatliquor suppleness moisture content up to 14% practice by today's modern tannery standard.

4 – Leather Wax Pull-Up-8.6 for replenishing the wax pull-up effect with sufficient penetration or saturation a fine wax crystal will form as it dries and thereby activates the crystalline into a natural gloss luster with a heat blower or hairdryer.

5 – Topcoat Aniline Top-76G is applied accordingly to achieve or match the desired gloss level.

6 – Leather Scent Protector-D+ or Protector-D protects the leather with a non-stick rub-resistant protector against soiling and wear.

Leather Wax Pull-Up-8.6 Standalone Application:

1- To cut/mix concentrates in the bottle with distilled water, warm up, and shake well.

2- To spray, spread, and saturate sufficiently with a horsehair brush evenly to produce a darkening effect.

3- To allow up to 8 hours of natural drying time or until crystalline are apparent.

4- To activate the wax deposit with a heat blower or hairdryer to a natural gloss luster.

5. To impart a draggy feel and non-stick rub-resistant protection, use Protector-D+ or D after Effect Wax-8.6 or Aniline Top-76G.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review