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Product Overview

Sheepskin Care Kit SR3 by Leather Doctor cleans, rinses, hydrates, softens, and protects wool and suede, preventing aging, stiffness, curls, rips, and tears.

Kit SR3 is an innovative leather-safe (pH 3-5) system formulated to keep the sheepskin wool at its highest level of appearance while enhancing its suede skin structure with suppleness.

A holistic cleaning, softening and protection system for both the suede and wool face is handpicked and bundled with these 7 products with links for more detail readings. 

Suede 4.5 is for cleaning the suede face.

Rinse Suede 2.3 is for rinsing and pH balancing, working in sync with Suede 4.5.

Hydrator 3.3 is to hydrate and relax dried and stiff suede working in sync with Fatliquor 5.0.

Fatliquor 5.0 is for softening, strengthening and eliminating dry rotting. 

Wool 5.5 is for cleaning the wool face.

Rinse Wool 4.0 is for rinsing and pH balancing, working in sync with Wool 5.5.

Protector S protects the wool with a non-stick, rub-resistant silky feel against sticky soiling.

Suede Side Cleaning and Softening 4 Steps Instruction:

Step 1. Dry Soil Removal:

1* Remove foreign debris by vacuuming with the assistance of a hide brush.

2* Exfoliate to renew the fresh nap with the help of a suede eraser, followed by vacuuming. Proceed with Suede 4.5.

Step 2. Wet Soil Removal:

1* Suede 4.5 is applied and brushed with Hide Brush 4 at a slant angle to avoid scratches. Towel extract until it shows clean.

2* Rinse Suede 2.3 is applied and extracted with a dry towel until it is squeaky clean.

3* Erase natural drying and wick-up soiling with Eraser 5. Follow up with Hydrator 3.3.

Step 3. Hydrating:

1* Hydrator 3.3 is applied and controlled to hydrate the entire thickness of the skin. Extract with a dry absorbent white terry towel to inspect for an even appearance without blotchiness, and it is ready for immediate fatliquoring.

2* Severe dryness or stiffness will require a longer dwell time. When the suede is plump and limp extract until the towel shows dry or about a 25% reading from a moisture meter, and immediately proceed to fatliquoring.

Step 4. Fatliquoring:

1* Fatliquor 5.0 is applied and controlled for an even appearance.

2* Application is repeated in between drying as the water contents evaporate until it’s saturated.

3* The fully saturated suede side is left for slow natural drying for extra softness.

4* Eraser 5 is used to remove wicks up residue and inspect for satisfaction.

Wool Face Cleaning and Conditioning 3 Steps Instruction:

Step 1 Dry Soil Removal:

1* Vacuum off foreign soiling with the help of Hide Brush 4.

Step 2 Wet Soil Removal:

1* Wool 5.5 is applied, and brush along the lay of the hair in one direction and towel extract until it shows clean.

2* Rinse Wool 4.0 is applied and towel extract to a squeaky clean.

3* Let natural drying and dry towel wipe off wick-up soiling.

Step 3 Non-Stick, Rub-Resistant Protection:

1* Protector S is applied evenly and brushed with a towel to pick up the soiling.

2* When dry, groom with Hide Brush 4 or a slick comb for the best appearance, and it is ready for use.


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    The Lazarus Effect

    Posted by Larry Bauman on 31st Jul 2017

    This product revived my 40 year old Sheepskin coat that cracked at the touch of it after applying another company's 'Restoration' product. That other product ruined my coat, and I was about to throw it away, but took a chance on the Leather Doctor. After applying Hydrater 3.3, I saw an immediate change. I then continued with the Fatliquor 5.0, and was shocked to see the change. My coat is now as soft and supple as it was when I purchased it in 1975! Don't even take a chance on valuable leathers with other companies' products, this one will amaze you sith its results.