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Our quest for a holistic leather cleaning and restoration system date back to the year 2000 in Vancouver, Canada. Started as an alpha testing platform researching a new system based on modern tannery leather science and logic, steering away from the common side effects associated with cleaning pH-sensitive leather and suede.

It took us almost seven years to develop a leather-safe system based on the leather pH value of 3 to 5, an amphoteric protein material that was revealed in our technical help and support forum discussion.

Leather-safe products that do not manifest as side effects were designated a pH value as a suffix name to the product, as an example Rinse-3.0 has a pH value of 3.0.

Our beta-tested products were then bundled accordingly as problem-solving kits to cater to DIY users with equal success in leather chemistry integrity as attested in the forum discussion.

Even with our successful alpha and beta testing already in place, and with our matching problems solving matrix as references, we were so often asked to perform the services instead, and with so many requests from busy professionals, we decided to serve you better with our enthusiastic dedication.

However, if you are a leather and suede service provider, we have five days of hands-on training courses that can be custom to your client's needs as well.

You may contact us by posting your problem to the forum to discuss your desired result or simply call or email us to be picked up or delivered to our shipping address.