Let us know your leather problems and we come to help you to clean and restore them back to their original.

Service is guaranteed to your satisfaction with possible sample cleaning approval on non-absorbent leathers prior to commencing the project.

Our service is based on a $99 hourly rate excluding products purchased from the online store for your project.

A typical leather and suede upholstery cleaning and restoration work may include the following request:

√ Heavy Accumulative Soiling Removal.
√ Dye Transfer Removal.
√ Ballpoint Ink Removal.
√ Body Fluid Removal.
√ Tannin-Based Removal.
√ Tarnish-Based Removal.
√ Blood Removal.
√ Urine Removal.
√ Fatty Spew Removal.
√ Chewing Gum Removal.
√ Body Oil, Grease, and Sweat Decontamination.
√ Bacteria Odor Decontamination.
√ Mold Odor Decontamination.
√ Urine Odor Decontamination.
√ Sweaty Odor Deodorizing.
√ Smoke Odor Deodorizing.
√ Dryness, Stiffness, and Shrinkage Reconditioning.
√ Dyeing and Topcoat Refinishing.