You come to the right place searching for a reliable leather and suede bag service provider knowing that our practice uses all leather-safe product systems based on tannery leather science, and our mission is to clean and restored them back to their original leather chemistry integrity.


Various degrees of soiling type, stain type, odor type, and problem finish type will require individual matching attention based on a proven set of the leather problem-solving matrix as a reference for diagnosis before work commence. The scope of work will be put in order and the time estimated to complete the dovetailing expected result determines the cost of service. Work is based on a half-hourly accumulative basis from US$49.50 and has sufficient time enough to generally clean, and sanitize both the lining and the surface of a mid-size handbag with a rub-resistant protection. Any specialty stain, odor, dryness, finishes problem, or suede and nubuck nap refinishing is an add-on extra. Send us some pictures and briefly explain your expectation after cleaning and restoration and we will reply with a job scope for your consideration.


A typical leather and suede cleaning and restoration work may include the following request:

√ Heavy Accumulative Soiling Removal.
√ Vachetta Browning and Redox Treatment. 

√ Dye Transfer Stain Removal.
√ Ballpoint Ink Stain Removal.
√ Body Fluid Stain Removal.
√ Tannin Based Stain Removal.
√ Tarnish Based Stain Removal.
√ Blood Stain Removal.
√ Urine Stain Removal.
√ Fatty Spew Removal.
√ Chewing Gum Removal.
√ Bacteria Odor Decontamination.
√ Mold Odor Decontamination.
√ Urine Odor Decontamination.
√ Sweaty Odor Deodorizing.
√ Smoke Odor Deodorizing.
√ Dryness, Stiffness, and Shrinkage Restoration.
√ Redyeing and Refinishing.



These before and after pictures of a Chanel Lambskin 2.55 is an examples of why this problem bag was sent to us for a complete restoration. The concern of these problems was highlighted as darkening grease stains, abrasion, matte, and roughness. 
Redyeing was obvious due to the skin damage, but the color decision was finalized when we made testing and discovered that the original color was black. So redyeing back to the original after degreasing, hydrating, reconditioning, and skin repair was the logical decision.

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