Leather Prep-7.7

Leather Doctor®

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Product Overview

Leather Prep-7.7 by Leather Doctor is a pH 7.7 water-based, heavy-duty prep cleaner that works on greasy and oily stains for non-absorbent pigmented leather.

People Also Ask:

How Prep-7.7 Works?

Prep-7.7 works by dwell time allowing its superior penetrating, lubricating, and suspending power to do its work prior to towel extraction.

How does Reverse Transfer Technique Work with Prep-7.7?

The reverse transfer technique works by allowing the suspended soiling by Prep-7.7 to wick through and be absorbed by a wet stretchable paper towel and peeled off.

How does Prep-7.7 work with Dye Remover-7.9?

Prep-7.7 works as a pre-cleaner to remove the mixture of solvents and fatty acids paste component of ballpoint ink, leaving the dyestuff to further easily remove with Leather Dye Remover-7.9 effectively

How to Remove Prep-7.7 Sticky Residue?

Prep-7.7 sticky residue is removed with Cleaner-3.8 and neutralizing rinse with Rinse-3.0 as a holistic system.

What Stain does Prep-7.7 Works?

Prep-7.7 works on accumulated soiling, chewing gum, silicone shine, sticky label residue, etc.

What Stain does Prep-7.7 need Dye Remover-7.9 to Work?

The dye component of compound stains will require an effective follow-up dye removal with Dye Remover-7.9 for such stains as ballpoint Ink, blue jean dye, crayon, leather belt, plastic Ink print, marker, newsprint, stamp pad ink, etc.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review