Leather Fatliquor 5.0 - Restore Dryness and Stiffness to all Leather Types

Posted by Leather Doctor on 20th Feb 2014

Leather Fatliquor 5.0 - Restore Dryness and Stiffness to all Leather Types

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                        250ml Fill (mix with distilled water prior to use)                         250ml Con (= 1.58 Quart when mix with distilled water)

Leather Doctor's most prominent innovative product for Nubuck, suede, and leather softening reconditioning from dryness and stiffness is the Hydrator-3.3 and Fatliquor-5.0 system. This combination will bring any leather back to its original suppleness. Fatliquor (fat and oil) is the "lifeblood of leathers".

Leather Fatliquor 5.0 by Leather Doctor is a leather-softening conditioner to restore and rejuvenate Vachetta, Nubuck, leather & suede, from dryness and stiffness.

Fatliquor-5.0 conditioner is a micro-emulsion of fat, oil, and water for rejuvenating and restoring ALL LEATHER, AND SUEDE TYPES to impart their original suppleness, from dry rot and stiffness.

Fatliquor 5.0 is like the Life-Blood of leathers.

(Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Vachetta bags, shoes, upholstery, jackets, garments, auto leather seats, etc.)

Leather Scent Fatliquor : Fatliquor 5.5 plus

What is the Purpose of Fatliquor?

Fatliquor-5.0 conditioning is for replenishing the original fat and oil that diminishes through sun bleaching, aging, heat, and alkaline over-exposure or cleaning.

How Fatliquor Works?

Fatliquor-5.0 typically works in conjunction with a preconditioner like Hydrator-3.3 to relax and open up the fibrous leather structure, to ensure thorough and even absorption of fat and oil.

Why Fatliquor Works?

Fatliquor-5.0 fat content plumps the leather with fullness from easily collapsing into creases and wrinkles during stress or flex, while the oil content lubricates the fibers so that they slide over one another smoothly like millions of interconnecting hinges.

Fatliquor-5.0 helps to keep leather at its optimum physical performance and prevent premature aging.

Fatliquor-5.0 softens the leather when dry with stretchability, compressibility, and flexibility while enhancing its rip tensile strength greatly.

Note: Instructions are in the bottle.

How to Use Leather Fatliquor-5.0? (Make sure the leather or suede is soaked properly)

1- Concentrates in the bottle is to be cut/mix well with 5 parts warm distilled water prior to use.

2- Apply and redistribute with appropriate brushes or pads until the thickness of the leather or suede is saturated.

3- Repeat each time water contents evaporate leaving behind only the fat and oil content.

4- Sticky residue is further driven into the leather structure or rinsed off until surface milky fat and oil turn clear with Hydrator-3.3.

5- Allow natural drying for extra softness.

6- Suppleness of leathers is further staked/massaged/flexed accordingly with a little wet back with Hydrator-3.3 until dry.


Always pre-condition the leather/nubuck/suede with Hydrator-3.3 to relax, soften, and open up the fiber structure prior to fatliquoring.

1- A fully fatliquor replenished leather maintains an average of 14% fat and oil content, while vegetable-tanned leather is more thirsty.

2- Insufficient fat-liquoring (fat and oil) content may remain stiff and may also suffer cracking from staking, massaging, or flexing.

3- When crispy dry, prior surface contamination/damages may darken as soiling particulates resurface.

4- Removes surface soiling particulates with Eraser-4 for all leathers including nubuck and Eraser-5 for suede.

5- Stretching the dark areas lightly will also lighten the appearance.

(We have some review from a previous costumer when they used this product on their successful application to their 40 year old Sheepskin Coat.)

From https://leatherdoctor.com/sheepskin-care-kit-sr3/#product-reviews:

The Lazarus Effect
Product Reviews - Posted by Larry Bauman on 31st Jul 2017

This product revived my 40-year-old Sheepskin coat that cracked at the touch of it after applying another company's 'Restoration' product. That other product ruined my coat, and I was about to throw it away but took a chance on the Leather Doctor. After applying Hydrator-3.3, I saw an immediate change. I then continued with the Fatliquor 5.0 and was shocked to see the change. My coat is now as soft and supple as it was when I purchased it in 1975! Don't even take a chance on valuable leathers with other companies products, this one will amaze you with its results.

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