Leather Vachetta Tarnish Stain Remover - Kit-V5.hs

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Vachetta Leather Tarnish Stain Remover - Kit-V5.hs is formulated to remove practically most stains that derive from metal including the rusty stain after the protein component of the blood is removed.  LeatherTarnishRemover-1.3 works by redox (reduction-oxidation) chemical reaction and lightens up the tarnish stain to take effect when dry. Due to the tarnish remover low pH value of 1.3, it has to be pH balanced with a pH 8.8 leather basifier to bring the pH value back to its pH neutral of 3 - 5 with LeatherBasifier-8.8. Hydrating to relax the leather is performed with LeatherHydrator-3.3. It relaxes stiff leather and reduces surface tension for an even appearance prior to fat and oil replenishing. Fatliquoring is performed with LeatherFatliquor-5.0 to replenishes and rejuvenates the leather structure for softness and suppleness when dry. LeathetrProtector-D imparts a rub resistant draggy-feel against friction rubs and shield against sticky soiling while prolonging the appearance of the leather longer. This kit comes with reduced shipping weight, thus all concentrates in the bottles have to be mix/cut with distilled water prior to use.




Stain Removal System:

1- Apply LeatherTanishRemover-1.3 onto the stain, agitate with horsehair Brush-1 and towel extract until it shows clean.

2- Let to natural drying for redox chemical reaction to take place.

3- Repeat application and drying until the stain disappear satisfactorily.


pH Balancing System:

1- LeatherBasifier-8.8 is applied to the stain removal area and feather out to pH balance the low pH value of 1.3 from the tarnish remover.

2- Rinse extract the tarnish remover residue until towel shows clean and continue with the hydrating process.


Hydrating System:

1- LeatherHydrator-3.3 is applied to plumps the leather and prepares the surface for an even appearance prior to fat and oil replenishing.

2- Excess moisture is extracted with a dry terry cotton towel or Towel-5 and continue with the fatliquoring process.


Fatliquoring System:

1- Apply LeatherFatliquor-5.0 and redistribute evenly with foam brush until the leather is fully saturated.

2- Repeat reapplication when water content evaporates until fully saturated again.

3- Let natural dry for extra softness and wick up soiling particulates is towel extracted.


Sticky Residue Removal System:

1- Sticky surface residue is remove with LeatherHydrator-3.3 spraying and towel extraction until surface milky appearance turns clear.

2- The leather is let to slow drying and massaging to dry for extra softness.


Rub-Resistant Protection

1- Mist sprays LeatherProtector-D foam brush or paper towel redistribute it and is ready for use when dry.


Edited on February 13, 2020.





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