Leather Vachetta Gum Stain Remover - Kit-V5.gs

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Vachetta Leather Gum Stain Remover - Kit-V5.gs by Leather Doctor. Kit-V5.gs is formulated to remove gum and related sticky substances from vachetta, saddler and veg-tan leathers. Gum removal process starts with physical removal with a foam rubber sponge like LeatherEraser-4. Remaining sticky residue is soften up with LeatherPrep-4.4 and work again with LeatherEraser-4. A longer dwell with LeatherPrep-4.4 is necessary to allow the product to work on the gum more effectively in conjunction with LeatherEraser-4. Remaining residue is further removed with LeatherCleaner-3.8 follows with LeatherRinse-3.0. Leather rejuvenation replenishes the original fatliquor (fat and oil) content that helps keep the leather supple. The first step is by hydrating immediately after the leather is rinsed with LeatherHydrator-3.3. LeatherFatliquor-5.0 follows as the second step to top-up the diminishing fatliquor content up to the original average of 15%. Then the surface sticky residue is removed again with LeatherHydrator-3.3, and leave to dry naturally. Leather non-stick, rub-resistant protection is performed with LeatherProtector-D that imparts a rub resistant draggy-feel against friction rubs and shield against sticky soiling while prolonging the appearance of the leather longer. This kit comes with reduced shipping weight, thus all the concentrates in the bottles have to be mix/cut with distilled water prior to used.



Gum Stain Removal Process:

1- Excess surface gum is safely removed with LeatherEraser-4.

2- LeatherPrep-4.4 is applied directly onto the gum, soften it and removed with LeatherEraser-4

3- The removing process is repeated and dwelling time may be essential for the entire gum to be removed.

4- Towel-5 or a dry terry cotton towel is used to extract until towel shows clean.

Cleaning and Rinsing System:

1- Sticky residue is clean with LeatherCleaner-3.8 and towel extract until the towel shows clean.

2- Then rinse with LeatherRinse-3.0 and towel extracted until towel shows clean.

3- Continue with the hydrating process while the leather is still damp or not fully dried.


Hydrating System:

1- Hydrating to relax and stretch the leather back to dimension is performed with LeatherHydrator-3.3.

2- The leather is saturated and plumps up with a little moisture oozing out when press with fingers. 

3- Excess moisture is extracted with a dry terry cotton towel and is immediate ready for the fatliquoring process.


Fatliquoring System:

1- LeatherFatliquor-5.0 is applied to evenly saturate and plumps the leather structure.

2- When the water contents evaporates more LeatherFatliquor-5.0 is replenished repeatedly until then leather is fully saturated.

3- The leather is leave to natural dry and before fully dry it is massaged of flexed to produce a more supple leather.


Fatliquor Residue Removal System:

1- Surface sticky residue is removed with LeatherHydrator-3.3 by spraying and wiping with a dry terry cotton towel.

2- The leather is again left for a natural slow dry and massaging or flexing to dry produce a more supple leather.


Rub-Resistant Protection

1- Apply LeatherProtector-D foam brush or paper towel to redistribute it and is ready for use when dry.


Edited: February 13, 2020





(No reviews yet) Write a Review