Leather Fatty Spew Remover 4.8

Leather Doctor®

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Product Overview

Leather Fatty Spew Remover 4.8 by Leather Doctor removes the leather's sticky cloudy fatty content that migrates to the surface often when temperature changes. 

Spew Remover 4.8 is a pH 4.8 universal spew remover for all leather types including Vachetta, Nubuck, pigmented, aniline, and suede.

People Also Ask:

What is Leather Spew?

The leather spew is the natural fat content in the leather that spews, vomits, or migrates to the surface, especially during extremely cold weather changes. The spew appears cloudy or like a milky film with patches of white in color.

How to remove Leather Spew?

Leather spew best removal from its surface is to be reabsorbed back into the leather structure and moved the leather to a constant room temperature to avoid reoccurrence.

How to Apply Clean Spew 4.8?

1: The concentrate in the bottle has to be mixed with distilled water before use.

2: Inspect and identify before application.

3: Spray and agitate with horsehair, nylon, brass, or steel brush accordingly and avoid scratches.

4: Suspended fatty spew may be reabsorbed while the residue is extracted with a dry absorbent towel.

5: Let to slow dry for a more supple leather and staking, massaging produces a softer leather.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review