Leather Dye Cleaner-7.9

Leather Doctor®

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Product Overview

Leather Dye Cleaner-7.9 by Leather Doctor is a dye stain remover especially for new blue jeans dye stain transfers onto leather without the need for physical rubbing.

People Also Ask:

How Dye Cleaner-7.9 Works?

Dye Cleaner-7.9 is a pH 7.9 high viscosity dyestuff remover that works by dwell-time allowing its superior penetrating, lubricating, and suspending power to do its work thus reducing unnecessary physical rubbing that may do more finishing damage to non-absorbent leathers by 'reverse transfer' technique

How Dye Cleaner-7.9 Works on Nubuck and Suede?

For absorbent leather such as nubuck and suede is to use a quick dry agitation with lightly saturated cotton buds, pads, or cloth to avoid unnecessary product absorption by the leather and suede.

As dyestuff is reverse transfer, turn or change to a new application and repeat until the stain is satisfactorily removed.

How Dye Cleaner-7.9 Works in Conjunction with Acidifier-2.0?

The leather pH value of 3 to 5 needs to be balanced back from pH 7.9 exposure, especially the absorbent leather and suede and sticky residue removed with Acidifier-2.0 as a holistic leather and suede safe dye stain removal process.

What is a 'Reverse Transfer' Technique?

A reverse transfer technique uses a wettable dry white towel or Towel-5 as a surface extension of the leather surface.

This highly absorbent towel is placed over the stain and Dye Cleaner-7.9 is applied with a detailing horsehair brush squeezing any air bubbles out tight.

Dye Cleaner-7.9 is left to work with its penetrating, lubricating, and suspending power wicking the suspended dye stain through the towel to be peeled off instead of any unnecessary physical rubbing causing finish damages.

How to Work with Dye Cleaner-7.9 on Absorbent and Suede?

1- Transfer Dye Cleaner-7.9 to a lightly damp cotton bud, pad, or towel.

2- Lightly agitate the dye stain and observe the cotton bud.

3- If dye is transferred to the cotton bud, repeat the entire stain area accordingly to satisfaction.

How to Rinse off Dye Cleaner-7.9 Residue?

1- The alkaline pH of 7.9 is rinsed off and pH balanced with a low pH value Acidifier-2.0 until a squeaky feel.

How to Work with Dye Cleaner-7.9 on Non-Absorbent Smooth Leather?

1- Place a dry wettable towel or Towel-5 over the stain and apply Dye Cleaner-7.9 and squeeze out any air bubbles in between.

2- Allow the suspended stain to be transferred to the paper towel.

3- Inspect for satisfaction or repeat above 1 and 2 until satisfaction.

How to Rinse off Dye Cleaner-7.9 Residue?

1- Sticky residue is rinsed off and pH balanced to a healthy squeaky feel with Acidifier-2.0.



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