Leather Crosslinker 25

Leather Doctor®

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Product Overview

Leather Crosslinker 25 by Leather Doctor is a hardener that strengthens tacky, sticky topcoats. It creates a toughened film that improves adhesion properties.

Leather Crosslinker 25 is high-solid without the VOC that also ties up some hydrophilic elements to eliminate water spotting and sticky topcoats.

How to Use Leather Crosslinker 25?

1* The percentage of Crosslinker 25 used is about 5 to 10 by weight.

* Gently stir or swirl the top coat while slowly adding the crosslinker.

* Continue to stir the mixture for 5 minutes.

* Allow the mixture to react for a minimum of 30 minutes before using.

* For best results premix 2-4 hours before applying.

* This will ensure optimum catalyst reaction time and flow/leveling performance of the coating during brush or airbrushing.

* After 48 hours, it is recommended to re-cross-link the top coat.

* Allow sufficient curing time for at least 48 hours before use.

2* The mix is transferred to the foam brush and applied in a circular motion to avoid streaks on the prep surface and blow dry.

3* Subsequent coatings are applied until the desired gloss luster is achieved and let overnight dry for curing time.

4* Allow at least 48 hours for a complete curing time before use.

* The average of 3 coatings of 4oz Bicast Topcoat 76G covers approximately 40 square feet.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review