Leather Cleaner 1.5

Leather Doctor®

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Product Overview

Leather Cleaner 1.5 by Leather Doctor is a pH 1.5 balanced specialty cleaner that controls leather from bleeding, water spots, and becoming sticky.

Cleaner 1.5 is a water-based pH value 1.5 restorative cleaner with an extra protonating or pH balancing function for all leathers and suedes types that reverts leather from denaturing. 

People Also Ask:

How Leather Cleaner 1.5 Works?

Cleaner 1.5 with its pH value of 1.5 works by increasing the ionic positive (+ve) attraction of the amphoteric leather protein fiber to hydrogen bond with its other ionic negative (-ve) leather constituents like the leaching tanning agent from reverting the leather into rawhide, stabilizing migrating dyestuff from bleeding, and fatliquor fat and oil content from leaching that results in stiffness when dry.

What is Leather Cleaner 1.5 Working System?

Cleaner 1.5 holistic working system is developed to rectify leather denaturing from turning sticky or slimy with Acidifier 2.0 used as a rinse to a healthy squeaky feel.

Hydrator 3.3 is used to redistribute the tanning agents and dyestuff back to the exposed areas, and Fatliquor 5.0 to soften the leather when dry. Other associated leather constituents need to be replenished accordingly too.

How to use Leather Cleaner 1.5?

1* Concentrates in the bottle has to be cut/mixed with distilled water at ratio 1: 12 before use.

2* Apply Cleaner 1.5 and agitate with horsehair Brush 1 and towel extract until the towel shows clean.

3* Apply Acidifier 2.0 and agitate with horsehair Brush 1 and towel extract until the towel shows clean.

4* Proceed with Hydrator 3.3 to relax and separate the stick-together fiber structure and dwelling it for up to 72 hours helps to effectively redistribute the surrounding leather constituents back to the exposed areas.

5* Fatliquor 5.0 commences topping up the difference to 14% fat and oil content when dry.

6* Leather is ready for further refinishing accordingly.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review