Bicast Leather Sticky Topcoat Refinishing Kit B7 Plus

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Product Overview

Bicast Leather Sticky Topcoat Refinishing Kit B7 Plus by Leather Doctor is to restore the issue of stickiness and provide a care system to reduce its occurrence.

This Kit B7 Plus is the upsized version of Kit B7 and has been handpicked to perform a Bicast refinishing solution to address the issue of a sticky topcoat. Thereafter, a solution is provided to prevent its recurrence.


What is a Bicast Leather?
What is a Bicast Leather Sticky Problem?
Why a Holistic System to Solve Bicast Sticky Problem?
How a Three-Step Process Solves the Bicast Sticky Issue.
How do Degreaser 2.2 and Acidifier 2.0 systems work?
How do Bicast Top 76G and Crosslinker 25 systems work?
How to reduce sticky topcoat issue?

What is a Bicast Leather?

Bicast or Bycast is split leather with a layer of polyurethane applied to the surface and then embossed.

Bicast, as a result, is a slightly stiffer product that is cheaper than top-grain leather but has a much more consistent texture and is easier to clean and maintain.

Bicast furniture exhibits none of the characteristics associated with aniline wax pull-up leather.

With constant use, bicast leather may develop delamination and peel in the often-flexed area.

The sitting cushion may also develop splits at the weak points, and exposure to inert gases, body oils, grease, and sweat can cause stickiness to the urethane finishes.

What is a Bicast Leather Sticky Problem?

The problem with bicast leather is often described by owners as the finish becoming dull on the seating areas and any material that comes in contact with it sticking to it.

Bicast finishes feel a bit rubbery, but after 5 minutes of sitting, clothing becomes stuck to it.

The area that experiences tackiness also exhibits roughness when touched.

When sitting down or standing up, there is a sound of tape being pulled, and a pattern from jeans can be seen on the couch.

If these experiences sound familiar, then Kit B7 or an upsized content with Kit B7 Plus is the answer.

Why a Holistic System to Solve Bicast Sticky Problem?

Degreaser 2.2 and Acidifier 2.0 system are used for stripping surface contamination.

Eraser 4 is used to remove any accumulated materials from the surface.

Suspended soiling is removed by a towel that is extracted and rinsed with Acidifier 2.0.

A 1000/2000 grit sandpaper or coarser is used to smooth rough surfaces to match.

Bicast Top 76G is a water-based urethane resin emulsion gloss topcoat with excellent flexibility.

Crosslinker 25 is a high-solids auxiliary hardener that binds some of the hydrophilic elements to prevent sticky topcoats when mixed at 10% into the topcoat.

Protector B is a protective non-stick, soft, buttery feel for reducing leather squeaking noise.

It also prevents ballpoint ink from dispersing when it comes in contact with the leather.

This product increases the leather's resistance to wet and dry rubs, reducing stretch, scuffs, and abrasions.

How a 3-Step Process Solves the Bicast Sticky Issue.

1* Degreasing System by Degreaser 2.2 and Acidifier 2.0.

2* Refinishing System by Bicast Top 76G and Crosslinker 25.

3* Protection System by Protector B.

* Simple tools used are Leather Brush 1, Foam Brush 2, Eraser 4, Sand 2000, and Towel 5.

How to work with Degreaser 2.2 and Acidifier 2.0 systems?

1* Degreaser 2.2 has to be shaken to gel before use.

2* Degreaser 2.2 is transferred to the horsehair Leather Brush 1 or Eraser 4 before working deeply with brush agitation and eraser traction action to remove accumulated soiling.

3* Suspended soiling is extracted using a towel and the folding sides are changed until the towel appears clean.

4* Acidifier 2.0 is sprayed and worked by brushing and erasing, then towel extracted until folding sides are clean. Let it dry or blow dry.

5* Rough surfaces are smoothed with appropriate grit sandpaper and rinsed clean, free of dust and lint, with a towel.

6* Let it dry, or use a hair dryer to blow it dry. It is now ready for top coating.

How to work with the Bicast Top 76G and Crosslinker 25 system?

1* Bicast Top 76G is transferred into the bigger Crosslinker 25 bottle and mixed thoroughly.

2* The mix is transferred to the foam brush and applied in a circular motion to avoid streaks on the prepared surface and let dry.

3* Subsequent coatings are applied until the desired gloss luster is achieved and let overnight dry for curing time.

4* The average of 3 coatings of Bicast Top 76G (4oz) covers approximately 40 square feet.

5* Allow at least 48 hours for a complete curing time before use.

How to work with Protector B!

1* Protector B is sprayed and spread with a folded lint-free towel, let dry, and ready to use. The leather scent version is Protector B Plus.

How to reduce sticky topcoat issues?

Bicast leather exposure to inert gases, body oil, grease, and sweat when neglected eventually causes stickiness to the urethane finish.

A preventive solution to reduce potential stickiness is to use a low-pH product system to clean and neutralize alkaline soiling, especially from fermenting sweat.

A 3 Step holistic system includes 3 products system of care that include Bicast Pro 1.5, Acidifier 2.0, and Protector B.

1* Bicast Pro 1.5 by Leather Doctor is a restorative cleaner to rectify sticky Bicast leather from body oil, grease, sweat, and unknown alkaline cleaners.

2* Acidifier 2.0 by Leather Doctor is a pH 2.0 balancing rinse for alkaline overexposure problems, such as bleeding, marks, streaks, brightness, and tackiness.

3* Protector B by Leather Doctor is a breathable, soft, buttery protective conditioner that imparts a non-stick and rub-resistant surface for all smooth leathers.

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