Bicast Leather Sticky Topcoat Refinishing Kit B7+

Leather Doctor®

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Product Overview

Bicast Leather Sticky Topcoat Refinishing Kit B7+ by Leather Doctor is to restore the common sticky issue associated with Bicast and Simulated urethane finishes.

People Also Ask:

What is Bicast Leather?

Bicast or Bycast leather is split leather with a layer of polyurethane applied to the surface and then embossed.

Bicast as a result is a slightly stiffer product that is cheaper than top grain leather but has a much more consistent texture and is easier to clean and maintain.

Bicast furniture exhibits none of the characteristics associated with aniline wax pull up leather.

Bicast with constant use, the often-flexed area may develop delamination and peeling; sitting cushion may developed split at the weak split veins and exposure to the inert gases, body oil, grease and sweat develops stickiness to the urethane finishes.

What is Bicast Leather Sticky Problem?

Bicast leather sticky problem is often described by owners as the finish gone dull on the seating areas and any material comes in contact sticks to it.

Bicast finishes feels a bit rubbery but after 5 minutes of sitting clothing were stuck to it.

The location that suffers tackiness also reveals roughness to the touch.

When sitting down and getting up, there is the sound of tape pulling and you can actually see a pattern on the couch from the jeans.

If these experiences sound familiar then this Kit B7 or an upsize content with Kit B7+ is the answer.

"Why these Products are Picked as a Holistic System to Refinish Bicast Urethane Finishes?"

The answer is . . .

Leather Degreaser-2.2 and Leather Acidifier-2.0 system!

Stripping of the surface contamination is done with Degreaser-2.2 with the help of Leather Eraser-4 to removed surface accumulated materials.

Suspended soiling is a towel extracted and rinse with Acidifier-2.0.

2000-grit sandpaper or coarser to match is used to smooth rough surfaces.

Leather Bicast Top-76G and Leather Crosslinker-25 system!

Leather Bicast Top-76G is a water-based urethane-resin emulsion gloss topcoat with excellent flexibility.

Crosslinker-25 is a high-solid auxiliary crosslinker that ties up some of the hydrophilic elements to eliminate water spotting and sticky topcoats with a 10% mixed into the topcoat.

Leather Protector-B!

Protector-B is a protective conditioner with a non-stick soft buttery feel for leather squeaking noise reduction; prevents ballpoint from dispersing its nasty ink when comes in contact; increases the leather's resistance to wet and dry rubs, thus reducing stretch, scuff, and abrasion.

"Why Products in Concentrates?"

Concentrate product has an indefinite shelf life, does not freeze, has less handling damage, and save on shipping weight.

Concentrates in the bottle have to be cut/mixed with distilled water prior to use.

How to work with Leather Degreaser-2.2 and Leather Acidifier-2.0 system?

1- Degreaser-2.2 has to be shaken to gel prior to use.

2- Degreaser-2.2 is transferred to the horsehair Leather Brush-1 or Leather Eraser-4 before working deep with brush agitation and eraser traction action to remove accumulated soiling.

3- Suspended soiling is towel extracted and changing folding sides until the towel shows clean.

4- Acidifier-2.0 is sprayed and worked by brushing and erasing again and towel extract until change folding sides shows clean, and let to dry.

5- Rough surface is smooth with appropriate grit sanding and towel rinse clean.

How to work with Leather Bicast Top-76G and Leather Crosslinker-25 system?

1- Bicast Top-76G is transfer into the bigger Crosslinker-25 bottle and mixed thoroughly.

2- The mixed is transfer to the foam brush and applied in a circular motion to avoid streaks on the prepared surface, and let dry.

3- Subsequent coatings is applied until the desired gloss luster is achieved and let overnight dry for curing time.

4- The average of 3 coatings BicastTop-76G (120ml) covers approximately 40 square feet.

How to work with Leather Protector-B!

1- Protector-B is sprayed and spread with a folded lint free towel, let dry and is ready to use.

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